Sampler Quilt

The other week Tracey asked for donations of blocks to make up a quilt for a family who had lost everything in the fires.  What a wonderful idea – trouble was I didn’t know what kind of block I wanted to make – I knew the colours and the size – but it was the style. So I started  hunting Quilters Cache.  Honestly I could spend days there without even noticing time slipping by.

In the end I made up two and couldn’t decide if they were good enough, so I made two more.  Still couldn’t decide, so I made two more.  I thought I should stop there and send off the two best (Rail Fence and Box Kite)  to Tracey as she was waiting on them.

Then the bug hit and I just had to make more.  I stopped at 12 blocks (plus the two I had posted) as I was running out of the colours I was using.

It didn’t take long to get sashing strips sewn to each block. (Sorry about the bits of paper pinned to the middle of each block. I find if I name them as I go – then I know I’m sewing them all together in the right order.)

With a little “help” from Jess I manage to get the borders on.

I don’t normally do pieced borders but wanted to play with the left over triangles and it was so much fun – if you don’t count having a cat sit  on top of your hands as you are trying to pin the borders in place.

The blocks are from left to right……

Row One:  Twist, Hourglass ,Colour Wheel

Row Two:    Deweys Victory (should have been called Dewey’s pain as I sewed blocks together wrong and had heaps of unpicking to do) , Squares Upon Squares, Goose Creek

Row Three: Carrie Nation, Clay’s Choice, Calico Puzzle

Row Four:  Hayes Corner,   Four Patch Nine, Chain

Click on any of the block names and they will take you to the pattern on Quilters Cache.

I really like the block “Twist”.  Fast and easy but the centre square looked a little bare so I embroidered a bird in it.  I could see this quilt in blue tones with very simple blue embroidery in each square.  Sorry should have trimmed off those loose threads before I took photos.

“Four Patch Nine” is definately on my list of quilts to make.  If you click on the link and check out the second page of the pattern you can see a quilt made with just twenty blocks and simple borders.  It uses 3 1/2 inch  and 1 1/2 inch strips of fabric which seems to be two widths I have plenty of at the moment and it would be a fantastic way to use them up.

Now for those who have plenty of cotton shirts and need to use them up on some way – check out the mystery quilt on Life is a Stitch.  All –  you need is seven shirts, yes just seven.  Two light and five dark.  Of course I had seven shirts so I just had to join in the fun.

This is where I am at the moment.  The nine patch blocks are done and I am in the process of sewing on the last square to my snowball blocks before I start trimming them up.


5 thoughts on “Sampler Quilt

  1. Wow, great quilt I love it. Too funny I recognize the green print with the little sprigs in it. I love the border how it is broken up with the patchwork and then plain. I think I like this better than if you’d done the whole border in patchwork. You’re going to have a hard time parting with this one, lol, you’re going to have to do another set of blocks to send off or keep for yourself.

    I always have a hard time parting with my work, it’s like their my babies and I can’t let them go.

  2. Hola Catherine, excelente idea la de los bloques, ha quedado muy bien, y me ha dado una muy buena idea para comenzar con una clases que hare a un grupo de señoras que recien se inician en el mundo del patchwork, espero que los peligros de los incendios ya hallan disminuido y esten mas tranquilos, desde estas lejanas tierras les envio un abrazo muy cariñoso.

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