Just a few alterations

I’m waiting for the plumber to arrive – although since he isn’t here yet I feel that yet again he might not be coming to tackle the long list of jobs that are awaiting him. It’s ok – he’s a close friend so we give him plenty of slack when it comes to our jobs. Nothing is desperately urgent and the longer he takes before he gets here the longer my list becomes…wicked grin.

So to fill in time I thought it high time I got stuck into making a few alterations to clothes that have been waiting semi patiently for their turn in the sewing room.

So far three shirts are altered.  Two only needed darts in the waist band so they fitted me nicely.

I found this skirt in the op shop a while ago.  It’s lovely soft cotton with a somewhat interesting hemline which helps to disguise just how short my legs really are…vbg.  However there was one problem. It was a size 10 and not even in my wildest dreams was I ever a size 10.  There were possibilities of altering it though. If the plan didn’t work I could always use the fabric for my quilting.  See waste not want not.

I cut off the shaped waistband and cut another out of white homespun using the original waistband as a guide as it was shaped making sure that it would fit over my hips and was wide enough to have elastic in it.

It worked and looks and feels wonderful.  There was stacks of fabric at the hipline which meant there was no alterations needed there….wiping brow in relief – at least the hips are still the same size.

Ashley has been doing one or two alterations in the bus as well.  He is absolutely determined that we should have a toilet and shower in there and has been working hard moving things around so they will fit.

Needless to say there has been quite a bit of mess – namely lots of sawdust – which will need to be cleaned up before the long weekend as we are off to Castlemaine for a few days.

Thank heavens it all fitted there were moments when Ashley thought he may have made a massive mistake taking on this project.

This is where the fridge was and where the shower/toilet and pantry will go.  We will only loose a bit of this couch which will still be more than long enough for Nicola to sleep on.

Thank goodness the shower base and pantry arrived this morning by courier as it might be all finished well before we go away and I will have time to clean the bus thoroughly.  There is sawdust and mess in places where quite frankly sawdust and mess just shouldn’t be.


3 thoughts on “Just a few alterations

  1. It always amazes me to see your bus and how completely different it is on the inside compared to my concept of what a bus normally looks like. Good job and I hope you have a wonderful trip if you don’t post before then.

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