Busy, Busy, Busy

Thank goodness the weather has finally turned cool – at last I feel like doing things which is a good things as housework, the garden and other bits and peices have been sadly neglected.

Saturday I mowed lawns, took Elise to work and just generally pottered around.

Sunday I had a Pajama day – All Day!!!!  I even ignored the kids teasing me that I was still in my pj’s.  I know it was unusual to see Mum still not dressed in her “around the house” clothes at 3 pm but did they need to make such a fuss of it.  There was a long lie in in the morning,  some sewing done, lots of reading and very little of anything that might be deemed as “maintaining the household”.

I must have needed that day off as Monday I got stuck in did goodness knows how many loads of laundry, cleaned up the pergola and rearranged it and really, really cleaned my kitchen.  We have had an invasion of Ants of late, Sunday being the worst day.  No sooner would the bench be wiped down than they would appear again.  Add to that strange little caterpillar type things that decided that making their home on the cornice near the ceiling was a really good idea and I was desperate for a clean kitchen.  Who knows where these little beasties come from – but I didn’t want them.  I’m hoping that all the ants mean that there might be a change in the weather hopefully bringing with it some rain.  Grandma always said that ants swarming and collecting food was a sure sign of rain.  Fingers crossed that’s still the case.

This morning I pruned and mulched a small part of the garden. It’s surprising how just doing a small bit can make a big change to an area.

I have Amy, Florrie and Zoe Mae to wrap this afternoon so they can be posted off tomorrow.  Bianca from The Toy Society has been inundated with offers of toys to help those children from the bush fires which is truly wonderful.

My cousin, who had helped out in the Bendigo fires, has just come back from doing a short stint helping out at the Whittlesea fires.  He is a pretty down to earth guy. A farmer who is more than conscious of the fire threat where he lives in a small town not that far from Bendigo.  What he saw at Whittlesea has obviously impacted on him in a big way though as he is now cleaning up what was already a well cleaned farm just in case bushfires do come his way.  I might add he is well versed in fire prevention as he is part of the CFA unit in the area that he lives. I guess all the TV coverage and photos in the newspapers can’t quite prepare you for what it is like in real life.


2 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. I think events like that tend to be unreal to us until in some personal way they touch us either through people we know who are suffering, being there or something happens in our life that makes us relate to the event. Even though we have video there is still distance between us and the event.

    Glad that the weather broke and it’s cooler for you. Hope the rains come soon.

  2. Those little caterpillary things are pantry moth larvae…you have some flour or something that’s turned…we were unindated with them a few years back at our old house. We bought pantry moth traps and that got rid of them, eventually.
    I’m glad the weather has broken for you too, here I’ve been able to turn my hand to a blanket for the Bushfire Relief. Hope the weather holds.

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