Dolls, Blankets and Quilt Blocks

I have finally finished making the dolls for The Toy Society which will be sent to help those children impacted by the bushfires.  It’s been years since I have made anything even remotely like a doll but I did enjoy it. Knowing that they would be used to help little ones in such a dreadful time made it even better.

May I present  Amy, Florrie and Zoe Mae.

Three gorgeous girls who have just been to the hair salon to have their hair fashionably coloured (according to today’s trends) and with new frocks and knickers  – you can just see Zoe Mae flashing her’s at the camera – and stylish shoes.  The girls are just waiting for the email to tell me where to send them and they will be off to offer comfort and love to their new owners.

I couldn’t send them off without making a blanket each for them.

Each blanket is backed with lovely soft and very vibrant flanalette which makes them super comfy and warm.  Just right for a little girl to wrap her dolly in.

After lying in the wet grass, fending Milly off (she wanted to play with the dolls too) and telling Ajax that the blanket wasn’t for him I spent some time in the vegetable garden.

It was grossly over grown, full of weeds and needing just a bit of TLC.  Two hours later I was done.  Both beds are weeded, had compost added to them, sprinkled generously with blood and bone and mulched with a good layer of pea straw.  Hopefully by the beginning of next month I might be able to start planting again.

It was time well spent. I needed to reaquaint myself  with Mother Nature and assure myself that despite all the death and destruction caused by the bushfires that life does go on.  Time will heal wounds, the bush will grow afresh and lives will be rebuilt.  It will take time but it will happen.

Ohh and I just have to show you my Butternut Pumpkins….

They are growing up a steel trellis, across an old swing and down the other side.  I think I counted about 20 pumpkins the other day – enough to keep us going for a while.

This afternoon I’m playing in my sewing room making some quilt blocks to send to Tracey who is calling for donations of blocks which she with the help of  The Chocolate Cat will put together into a quilt (or quilts) for a family who have lost everything in the fire.  The story is on Tracey’s blog.  Do pop over and check it out and consider sending a quilt block.  It’s a way to make a very personal donation to a family who needs love and support at this time.  Tracey has the guildelines of what size and colours the blocks should be in on her blog.


6 thoughts on “Dolls, Blankets and Quilt Blocks

  1. Those dolls are gorgeous and I love their blankets. Thank you for helping in the making of the quilt, think it will not only help heal the family but all of us that have been so horrified by the devestation.

  2. The dolls and blankies are so cute Catherine the little girls will love them.

    The garden is looking good (well since it’s middle of winter here almost anything green looks good) and those butternut squashes/pumpkins look marvellous.

    I tried growing some cukes up some netting but I must have disease in my soil because the vines all whithered. I have a feeling the same would happen if I tried squash.

    Take care and praying the fires get put out and people recover.

  3. The dolls look absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! Nothing feels better than getting your hands dirty every now and then now does it??? Can’t wait to see what you plant next in your vege patch… The pumpkin vine looks amazing growing up like that… Thanks for the inspiration!! I’m definite;y going to grow my next vine like that… Take Care 🙂

  4. Wow, just look at those squash (pumpkins)! They look beautiful growing on a trellis like that.

    Your little dolls are so sweet. One of the women I work with has a little girl named Zoe Mae. I, of course, am partial to the name. 🙂 I am sure the children will love them.

    I really admired how you made that skirt wearable. What a clever idea to remove the waist band like that. I am not very talented at making clothes, but I do love to be able to take an item and change it into something useful.

    I thought your Country quilt looked great, too. It reminds me of the rail fence pattern only fancied up a bit with the stars.

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