Help in Abundance

It would seem that help is in abundance when it comes to making life a little easier for those people who have lost so much in the Victorian Bushfires.

Meet Me At Mikes has a fabulous list of where Handmade goods can be sent to in order to provide  long term help for those affected by the fire.  Please keep in mind that these communities and families will take many months to recover and rebuild what they have lost and will need long term help in order to achieve that.

The Toy Society is also collecting hand made toys for those children who have been impacted by the fires.  A bit of softie love is sure to make their day a little brighter.

Ebay and Etsy are also being used to sell goods in order to raise money for the bushfire victims.  Pop over and check them out.

As always cash is always an acceptable means of donation – there are plenty of charitable organisations out there who are collecting and will distribute all the money raised which, from what I heard on the TV tonight, is reaching impressive preportions.

I have been busy making dolls today.  No pictures – yet – the dolls are still in the flat, naked form that rag dolls often take before being well fed with stuffing.  Clothes are being fashioned – lovely bright colours and dolls blankets are part way made as well.  One quilt top is made – just the quilting and binding to be done and I can send it on it’s way.

Isn’t it wonderful that despite this somewhat “world weary” society we often live in, that when someone is in need, help is readily offered and supplied.

Stay Safe Everyone


2 thoughts on “Help in Abundance

  1. To often the news focuses on the worst in human behaviour rather than the good, it’s only when a disaster of this magnitude happens that they then focus on the goodness and kindness in people.

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