Some of you may have noted that I have deleted my earlier post on donating to those who have been effected by the bushfires that are raging in Victoria at the moment.  Homes, businesses, farms and even lives have been lost in what is an absolute disaster.

Please if you haven’t already donated to this worthy cause or if you have been considering donating – please do so. Many victims of the fires have been left with absolutely nothing and have to begin again from scratch.

Just google Victorian Bushfires and there will be heaps of links of who you can donate through.

I deleted my last post cause it seemed like a whole lot of “twaddle” in light of what many are going though.  I normally don’t become so emotionally involved in situations like this – even though I keep those involved in my prayers. During most disasters knowing someone who is going through the disaster or helping out in times of crisis doesn’t affect my family – however in this instance some of the fires were at Bendigo – a mere two hours away from us.  Too add to it two of my cousins were called in from their volunteer unit to help fight the Bendigo fires.  They are both home and safe with their loved ones – but the news of their having to fight the fires really brought the whole situation home to me.

It goes without saying that my thoughts and prayers are with not only those in Victoria who are suffering with the fires, but also those experiencing floods in Queensland and  fires in other states.


One thought on “Bushfires

  1. Have heard about the fires and lost of life and homes and my heart is with you and your country at this time.

    Heart-breaking, it really came home as I read another blog and how a son was calling his mother telling her the car was gone and they were next. He was house-sitting in Kingslake with his girlfriend and her brother and there was no where to go as the fire overtook them.

    Horrid to think this all could have been started by an arsonist. Prayers go out to all of you.

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