Two More Projects Finished

I’m on a definate roll when it comes to this hand sewing/embroidery phase.

When I finally got off the computer yesterday….there is always so much inspiration out there in blog land…….it took me a whole ten minutes to finish off “Bathtime” which is Block 2 in the Verandah Views series.

Why on earth I didn’t finish it before I posted yesterday I don’t know – but hey at least it provided one photo for todays post…vbg.

Of course having finished one project, picked up children from school and taken Elise to work aaannnnd it being far to hot to do anything I had to search for another project to complete.  It wasn’t hard – this one has been staring accussingly at me for weeks/months to finish it so at last I have.

Poor Bikini Girl has been sadly neglected mainly due to the fact I thought I would stitch her in Edmar thread and I wasn’t totally thrilled with the end result.  She is actually part of a series of four blocks that I found in one of my magazines – depicting the four seasons we have.  The poor darling is destined to remain single  and without her girlfriends due to a complete lack of motivation on my behalf to continue with the series.  I shall make it up to her though – I’m thinking of making her as the front panel of a tote bag using lots of funky and bright fabrics in a log cabin setting around her.  Who knows if it will work or if the heat will totally fry anything enthusiasm I have for this project – but I shall try.  If nothing else and if the project works – it should create a comment or two when I use her down the street – especially considering the weather we are having…vbg.

Right I’m off to comtemplate the piles of washing in the laundry, think about breakfast and hide under the airconditioner until this cool change (which is supposed to happen today) comes through.  Have a lovely weekend and stay cool or warm depending on your climate.  Ohh and for those experiencing snow – can you send some my way…..please!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Two More Projects Finished

  1. looks great……….the little birdy getting a bath……and the lady with the beach gear…….perfect stitching for the day we are having…….oh and goodluck with your cool change ours is not due to get here til Tue or Wed….bugger………

  2. They both look good but I have to admit that Bikini Girl tickles my funny bone the most.

    Maybe I can send some snow back with Sarah and Nathan next week when they return to Australia.

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