A Little Bit of Playing

I sat down to sort out threads ready for the next Verandah Views Block and got just a bit distracted by all the lovely threads in my floss box.  There was nothing else to do but play around with them for a while, admire the colours and wind more threads onto bobbins to fill up even more gaps in the box.  There are now even more threads in this box than the photo shows.

I really did spend all afternoon playing right up until it was time to start making the evening meal.  Fortunately the break did me good and I came to my senses and started sewing.  There is ony a tiny bit left to do on  Block 2 and it’s done.

I’m feeling very inspired by these small stitcheries and am wondering whether I could perhaps draw up some views from my own garden and sew them to make myself a reminder of what my garden looks like.  I just wish I could draw even a semi decent stick figure person as I feel my drawing skills maybe the downfall of the whole idea.  If that doesn’t work out I do have plenty of crazy quilting to be going on with – it’s been sadly neglected in favour of other intrests of late.

I have also played a bit with making a new bag courtesy of a Quilted Bags book from the library.  It’s not a bad book in that it gives plenty of inspiration but the instructions leave a bit to be desired.   It’s a case of make it up as you go along in many parts.

I will admit though the process of creating the front/back section was more fun that actually making up the bag.  It was just 1.5 inch strips seamed together then laid down over batting and “quilted” by zig zagging a cotton type of thread down in gentle free hand curves.

The concept worked – it’s a pity the bag isn’t a bigger size so it would be more usable.

It was my fault – I should have realised it would be so small. Checking the measurements first might have been helpful…..sigh.

The bag only measures 6 x 6 inches….barely big enough for keys, phone and sunglasses.  My purse certainly wouldn’t fit in it.  It will be nice to use though as a bag to hold a small sewing project in for when I have to sit and wait somewhere.  So much more stylish than a zip lock bag…vbg.

Rachel at Four Wise Monkeys had photos of  the  cutest of  little Tea Bag Holders on her blog today.  I have looked at the pattern a few times but this morning inspiration hit and I got on and made two.

The plan was only to make one – but as usual I didn’t read the instructions properly and cut too many pieces of one type of fabric and not enough of others – so there was no excuse not to cut out more and make two.  Now there is just the buttons to sew on and they are done.  As Rachel said, they are so quick and easy and I’m seriously tempted to keep making them.  I had half a thought that they might be a good item for the Mother’s Day stall at James’s Primary School.

Looking at the Tea Bag Holders when I was about to take photos of them, I thought they would also be good for storing packets of needles in them – such as hand sewing needles. I don’t know about anyone else but my needles, despite my best efforts to keep them contained and in one drawer,  seem to end up anywhere.  Maybe I could make more of these and pop the packets in them so I didn’t loose them.

Ohh and while you are checking out the pattern for the Tea Bag Holders, have a look at the tutorial offered for Criss-Cross Coasters they are really cute and look quite simple.


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Playing

  1. The tea bag holder brings back memories. I used Rachel’s tutorial as well and mine turned out beautifully. I gave it away so maybe I should make another, lol, I’ll probably end up giving that one away as well.

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