After yesterday’s reasonably pleasant tempretures today is shaping up to be hot.  I have spent just a bit of time popping weeds through the mulcher and filling the compost bin. I figure the heat of the sun will help to kill those pesky weed seeds even faster so I can use the resulting compost sooner on my vegie garden. Got to admit though even though I worked in the shade by the time I was done I was desperate for a long cold drink and even colder shower.  It’s hot out there!!

After all that activity I have declared today to be an “Under the Airconditioner, Sewing Day”.  A semi official holiday I have just made up…vbg.

I have seen quite a few mentions of Willowberry Designs new block of the month “Verandah Views” on various blogs   and  I just had to pop over and have a look  and of course fell in love with Block 1.  You knew that was coming didn’t you…grin.

Under The Willow was so easy to do and soooooo relaxing on a hot day.  I loved it.  The background fabric isn’t linen but quite a textured cream that is very soft but still easy to sew though and delightful to iron.  Those marks you see are in the fabric too – they are not from my computer or scanner …

Block 2 – Bathtime is now up  and available to download.  It’s so cute. I have it copied onto the fabric – now for the fun part – choosing threads and beginning to stitch.

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