Australia Day

Well you can’t say I didn’t warn you yesterday that the next few posts would be well and truly out of order when it comes to when they occurred.

We were invited out to cruise up the Murray River by our friends Steve and Judy on their “party boat” as it is called to celebrate Australia Day.  Basically it’s like a houseboat – that is it floats on the river, has an engine, an ice box/esky at one end, BBQ at the other, a roof and plenty of chairs and that’s about it.  Pretty basic but very nice to be on on a hot day.  It’s just a pity I didn’t get a photo of it.

I admit that I nearly didn’t go.  The idea of sitting on a boat for several hours (with people we didn’t know – they had invited other friends) didn’t really appeal nor did the weather forecast.  In the end I was persuaded by my hubby (on his hands and knees – only kidding)  to go and I was sooooo  glad I did.  The kids had a ball.  All the people on board were delightful, and the BBQ was divine.

I have driven over the bridge to New South Wales plenty of times but can’t ever recall going under it.  I must admit that with all the long running repairs that have been happening on the bridge (by long running I mean happening for years) it’s not that exciting up on top of it.  Underneath was pretty cool though.

Nicola and James were very excited by the whole “going on a boat thing”.

So was Elise but she wouldn’t admit it.

We saw other houseboats too.  These were moored but there were a few  others cruising the river celebrating the day as well.

Swimming was very popular due to the heat and the fact that Steve found a fabulous place to stop for lunch which not only had shade for the ladies but a nice deep spot for swimming and so the “old” men and  the “young” (17 year old) men could try and out do each other with the amount of water they could splash when they jumped in.  Needless to say – James and Nicola were not allowed to join in that competition….much to their disgust.

The River was absolutely magnificent despite the low water levels and the drought.

On the way home Ashley got a chance to drive the boat – Steve wandered up the front to make sure he didn’t “run over” any swimmers who happened to be in the water right near the bridge.  He didn’t run anyone over by the way.

It was a fabulous day but I’m so glad we had a week to recover before the kids went back to school as we were all exhausted.  Who knew that eating, drinking, swimming and socialising could be so tiring…..roflmol.


3 thoughts on “Australia Day

  1. I went on a wedding cruise a couple of years ago and like you I was reluctant but it was very enjoyable toodling along the river chatting with others and having dinner.

  2. *whiny envious pout*
    No fair, no fair, no fair! While I’m FREEZING my butt off over here with sub-zero temps, I get to view your blog with all these SUNNY LOVELY SUMMERY pics!!! *stomping foot*

    What a fun, fun, fun time! Thanks for sharing those lovely snapshots.

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