A Graduation Dinner

You know I would never, ever, ever celebrate the fact that my children have all returned to school don’t you???  Yeah Right!!!  They’re all at school!  Yipeee!!!!!!!!!  The house is sooooo peaceful and quiet.  I have spent most of the morning just pottering around and popping down the street with Mum not to mention  washing the mountain of clothes, sheets etc that are breeding in my laundry.  Ohh and mending the zip on Nicola’s school dress pocket – which was way more complicated than it should have been for a simple repair job.   It’s way to hot to be doing anything else – again…..sigh.

Hopefully normal programming will return to this blog and I am serious about not only blogging more often but also being a whole lot more organised in just general day to day stuff.  We shall see if it happens but a girl can hope.

You will forgive me if the next few posts are either entirely out of the order they occured in and if some of the events/quilts mentioned are possibly even a week or so past.  Time has been at a premium this past week and blogging took a back burner for a few days.

When Elise Graduated from Primary School we had a special “grown up” dinner for her to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in her life.  To all intents and purposes we intended to do the same for Nicola unfortuantely due to work pressures and her mother just not being organised and really, really darned slack – we didn’t have that dinner until Saturday night.  It was a close run thing – would she start Secondary School or have her dinner first???  Yay – the Dinner won…..just.

Beautiful Gold Candles and Baubles to decorate the table.  (If you look closely you can see my taking the photo – darned reflective baubles….vbg)

The best china was used and the silver ware polished with care.

The wine Goblets reflected not only the decorations but the smiling faces and the wine they embraced.

I would show you the roast pork and salads we had but they were all eaten – like wise the chocolate muffins served with a dollop of whipped cream and a strawberry.  Yummm.

After all the running around, preparing food, getting organised and just generally trying to cope with the heat – I forgot to take a photo of Nicola in her dress.  She looked absolutely stunning -very grown up – right up to the stage when she decided that she was hot and asked to go for a swim to cool down.  Well the dinner was over by then and it was still in the 40 degree range at 9 pm…vbg.

It was a wonderful night which we all enjoyed.


One thought on “A Graduation Dinner

  1. That’s nice that you had the dinner for her. I admit that it didn’t even occur to me to have a dinner when my kids graduated so kuddos to you for putting one on.

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