It’s Been One of Those Days

I haven’t quite melted in the heat wave we are having at the moment but there are times when it has been a really close run thing.  By 9 pm last night when I finally found time for a swim the pool was like a big warm bath – absolutely YUMMM!!!

Ashley has been starting early – 6 am or earlier – in an effort to finish by lunchtime and therefore try to beat the heat just a bit.  So far it hasn’t happened and most nights it’s 5 pm or later before he is done.

He has a mate who is a Refridgeration Mechanic.  That is M. installs and fixes air conditioners, cool rooms etc.  The firm that M. works for has been incredibly busy since before Christmas but never more so since this hot weather has been with us.  Ashley called in to see them yesterday and to seek a little bit of relief from the heat under their air conditioner.  He tells me he called in to see about a job that was scheduled for today – but personally I think the a/c and the drinks fridge were probably more likely the reason for the call….vbg.  M. is an incredibly patient man. He has worked at all sorts of jobs over his lifetime and is incredibly knowledgeable about all sorts of things but he told Ashley yesterday that he has yet to work out human nature.

Yesterday afternoon (not long before Ashley stopped by) M. received a phone call from a potential client.  The “client” said they had been at work all day (remember it was pushing the high 40’s yesterday), had left their a/c off and closed up the house so it wouldn’t get too hot.  Yeah right –  even with my a/c running all day and all night we are struggling to stay cool.  The “client”  got home after work, turned on the a/c and then rang M. after 10 mins saying the house wasn’t cold and there must be something wrong with the a/c and could he come and fix it.

Now can I just say that it takes at least 10 mins for my little cars a/c to cool down my car and that’s on a reasonable day.  How on earth an a/c on house that has baked in the weather we are having at the moment is supposed to be icy cold within 10 minutes has me beat.  Ashley, I might add, couldn’t work out the theory either.

M. gave the “client” an answer.  Ashley tells me it was a polite one – I’m not so sure…..vwg.


2 thoughts on “It’s Been One of Those Days

  1. It will depend on the size of the air conditioner and the size of the house as to how quickly the house will cool down but you’re right, no house will cool down that fast.

    When we installed our air conditioner we were told we were on the borderline for going from the smaller sized unit to the larger size.

    My husband the engineer decided that it was better to have the smaller unit and have it run longer to take the humidity out of the air (I’m sure cost had nothing to do with it, right?). Of course I wasn’t given a choice.

    The long and short of it is that unless the unit is turned on first thing in the morning it won’t bring the temperature in the house down if the house gets really hot and hot for us is only around 30C. It will maintain a cooler temperature once there though.

    This guy didn’t have a prayer for his house to get cooled in a couple of hours let alone 10 minutes.

  2. When we installed our ducted heating/cooling two years ago, like the last commenter, we were borderline between unit sizes. We opted for the larger unit, thankfully, as it heats and cools the house with ease, quickly and at little cost.

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