Sugar, Honey, Iced Tea

It’s been one of those days.

I have absolutely no energy despite the weather being considerably cooler than it has lately.

Some sewing has been done.  Another skirt has been altered so it fits.

I have worked on the “Country  Spirit” quilt with only moderate success.

The stars are going in all directions – none of which seems to be the right way.

I have measured and cut border strips twice and both times been wrong.

I’m fast running out of scraps of cream fabrics for the borders and may have to resort to using the good stuff in my stash.

In shorts its been a Sugar Honey Iced Tea kind of day…….which is James tells me a nice way to swear without being caught.  Yeah right.

3 thoughts on “Sugar, Honey, Iced Tea

  1. I’ve had those days, sometimes it’s just best to give up and curl up with a good book and then come back to it the next day and then you wonder what the proplem was.

  2. Sugar, Honey , Iced Tea. That is what I want served to me on these sorts of days!
    I don’t think I would waste the energy to say it, even under my breath.
    Hopefully it will all work out when the temperature drops.
    Judy B

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