The Pool Fence

Finally I have got around to taking some more photos of the finished pool fence.

Looking from the front door towards the pool area.  This is now an eight foot high cream tin fence.

Same fence – just the inside of it.  Wiggling between the already established plants was interesting to say the least.  Ashley was not very impressed at times- especially with any roses we happened to find…vbg.

It looked so open with the brushwood fencing pulled off the original fence.  The effort was worthwhile though.

Where those black star pickets are is the old fence – the new one is the shiny wires in the background.

Recycling at its best.  The wooden fence posts are from “Woodhenge” (a garden structure which didn’t quite work with the effects of the drought) which is now well and truly gone.  The tin is what is used for packing sheets on roller doors. A good friend gave us the sheets as he had stacks at his fencing business  and didn’t need them.  Ashley artistically arranged the colours of the fencing – I’m going to put lots of plants in front of them…vbg.  The back of each sheet is the same colour cream which is all you will see from the front door.

The brushwood is now attached and most of the area is pretty well sorted. More water, more plants and less 40 degree plus days and it will be quite pleasant sitting in there during the evenings looking over the pool.  The fence and the larger trees shade this area very nicely during the late afternoon and evening and with the addition of some comfortable chairs and maybe a table I can see us using it quite often.

One thought on “The Pool Fence

  1. Looks interesting, it’s great that you were able to recycle the fence pieces and put them to good use. I think it’s great that you have so much land. Land in my area is at a premium unless you live out in the country but then you’re away from the conveniences of town.

    It’s only the really old lots where there is any land attached to the houses. Most of the newer homes are being built on 30’x100′ lots. We’re lucky that we live on a ravine and we don’t fence it in so it looks like we have a huge piece of land.

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