Not Stash Enchancement

I have been spending a wee bit of money – not on stash enhancement unfortuantely but instead on ways to help me use up my stash.  Yes I know confusing but trust me it works.

Judy L. mentioned that she had purchased this book from The Pajama Quilter and was playing around with some of the designs on her blog the other day.  Me, being me, just had to have sticky beak and within  about 10 minutes had put in an order for both the book and the DVD – which I might add was here within a week.

It is brilliant. I have quite a few machine quilting books and while they are excellent there is something that is still holding me back from really experimenting.  The Gammill is still boss when it comes to quilting here although I think the tide might be beginning to turn.

The DVD is brilliant to watch and so easy to understand.  Eveything is explained in detail and of course being a DVD you can watch it over and over again…vbg.  Dawn has a lovely easy way of explaining why she does the quilting designs the way she does and gives little tips and tricks all the way along.  Best of all she is doing all this while in her Pajama’s (hense the book and DVD title) aaaaannnnnnd has a container of chocolates sitting beside her for those “darn it what am I doing” moments….vbg. Now that’s my kind of quilter.  The book and DVD are designed for long and short arm quilters and domestic machine quilters.  The techniques are the same just the machinery you use are different.

I should add I have no affils with Dawn but when I see something worthwhile I think that to spread the word is a good thing.

For sometime I have been reading and searching for posts regarding the “Sew What! Shirts” book.  Yes I know it’s been out for a while but I’m only just getting on the band wagon.  The really silly thing is when Elise was just a baby I had started to study (part time) a Designer Dressmaking course where we learnt everything from making and drafting your own patterns to making up your own garments.  Over the years the confidence from that course has erroded (I didn’t finish it by the way – Nicola’s arrival and then a nasty attack of post natal depression got in the way) and I very, very rarely make clothes now at all.  Having two reasonably fussy teenagers doesn’t help.

So, after yet another frustrating trip down the street for Elise and I to try and find some clothes that fitted and looked nice, I came home and bought the book.

I love it.  So far I have only made one skirt…..

A very simple A Line skirt out of some fabric I found at the op shop the other day.  I love it.  Soooooo cool and comfortable, brilliant to wear in the heat (I wore it shopping yesterday) and even the girls said they liked it.  Elise even tried it on and said she liked it….yipee!!!!!!!!!! Best of all I already had a nice blue shirt that goes beautifully with it so now at least I have one decent outfit.

Is the book easy to use? Well yes I think so.  Having made clothes before I guess I already knew some of the steps but Elise thought when she read through the book that she wouldn’t have any problems with it.  The nicest thing is that the skirts can be as easy or difficult as you want them to be – depending on what style you like aaaannnnnndddd you could use the same book for both little children and adults as you use the persons own measurements – not those of a commercial pattern company.

Ok so this book will enchance the stash rather than deplete it but I couldn’t resist. Sorry about the fuzzy photo too – not sure what happened there.  I have other books on fabric dyeing but this one I believe is one of the best.  Easy to understand, really basic and full of fantastic instructions and photos it is truly inspirational.  There are times when I get a bit confused with other dyeing books.  While they are good sometimes there is almost a bit too much information which can confuse the issue – particularly when it comes to dye recipes.  This book goes back to the basics and is an excellent place to start. Well worth it if you are only just getting into dyeing fabrics or want to brush up on a few basic skills.

There was some slight stash enchancement – but not from the shops I might add.  I spent a week or more searching for my EQ6 program (which has now been found hiding in the bookcase) and while searching/cleaning found a stack of cotton shirts from the op shops that I had forgotton about.   They are now all cut up.  Some of the fabrics found their way into the rail fence blocks (yesterdays post) while the rest are waiting their turn to be used.

Ohh and the fabric that is used as a background for some of the photos is destined to be made into another shirt – very similar to the first one I made. I bought a t-shirt (always a minor miracle to find one that fits) that goes beautifully with it


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