Rail Fence Quilt

I was thinking the other day, as I cut more 2.5 inch strips to add to an already over flowing box, that a simple quilt – something along the lines of a rail fence block – might be just the thing  to use up some of the older, “I’m heartily sick of them” fabric strips.  Next thing I know Amy puts a link on her blog to this delightful quilt “Country Spirits” which fitted my requirements completely. Check the last few posts on Amy’s blog to see how she has progressed on her quilt – it really is stunning.

I have managed to get this far…..

I didn’t pick any coordinating fabrics.  The only requirements were they had to be light, medium and dark.

I have a confession to make.  This quilt is intended for my car.  Ohhhhh I know I can see you all throwing things at me now……please make it fat quarters…..vbg.

You know how I much I love my little Suzuki….but it has one flaw.  The boot/trunk area is just that an area.  Fantastic for throwing in the shopping, bags of chook pellets, plants galore but there is no way you can make it look tidy.  Well I can’t make it look tidy anyway. So I thought a quilt that would drape over the back seat and extend to the back door, hopefully hiding all the crap treasures that I have in there would be the way to go.  Plus it would look pretty……roflmol.

Anyway this quilt is destined for there.  It will be a “Utility Quilt”.  Something I can practise my quilting on.  Something the kids can wrap themselves up in if they are really cold.  Something we can grab out and use as a picnic blanket should an impromtu picnic suddenly arise.

I have only made twelve rail fence block sets but I think with the sashing and borders that should be enough for what I want.  I supose I really should measure up my car to make sure it fits before I get too carried away…..nah….that would be too hard.  Just like reading the directions on the quilt pattern to see what size strips I needed.  Goodness me they aren’t 2.5 inch strips in lots of three but instead four lots of 2 inch strips. Ohh well it still works….wicked grin.

As it is going to be stinking hot again today I might just have to stay under the air conditioner and play some more with this quilt.  It’s all Amy’s fault (waving at you Amy) I have headed down this path.  Goodness knows what might happen on the journey….lol.

4 thoughts on “Rail Fence Quilt

  1. One nice thing I have realized; we can “betterify” ANY pattern out there! :0) 3 sets of 2.5″ strips work just as nice! I had altered the sashings in mine to make them a bit larger to a bit larger quilt…*shrug*….we have that luxury :0)
    LOVE your scrappy colors :0) Looking forward to seeing your sashing colors.

  2. I have a car quilt too (actually now MyGuy has it). It is for emergencies and an old one, I do not mind using for tire changes, picknicks and cold spells.

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