One more UFO quilted.

I made this quilt years ago – could be even 10 years ago.  Manily out of scraps so of course there is very little in here that could be considered 100% cotton but it still worked and I loved it.

A few months ago I got around to putting on the blue borders – much nicer than the purple one I had obviously picked out….ewwwww……what was I thinking???  I just had to have  play with the quilting stencil too….

Marked with Water Soluable Pen they were easy to see and came out so quickly with a squirt or three of water before hanging on the line to dry.

Betwee nthe stencil and the stipple quilting it certainly added up to lots of texture on the quilt.

I even played with quiting the borders.  Not brilliant but considering I have rarely tried anything like this before I’m happy.

And just to show you get warts and all with my quilting……..look at the pucker in this bit.

On second thoughts – don’t!!!

Now just to get the binding done and it’s all finished.  Ohh and I probably should put on a label but I feel so embarrassed to label my quilts.  It feels a bit like I’m “blowing my own trumpet”.  Does anyone else feel like this or do you just go ahead and label your quilts no matter what?  I know for future generations that we should label what we make but I really don’t think my quilts are going to last that long – they tend to be used and used.


8 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. que bueno que ha podido terminar su trabajo Catherine, valia la pena el esfuerzo, ha resultado una herosa colcha….no importa si coloca o no una etiqueta …las personas que aman su trabajo recordaran perfectamente que usted la ha confeccionado…nuestros trabajos siempre llevan un sello personal que los suyos sabran identificar.
    Besos Odette

  2. It’s fantastic, and what a difference the quilting makes to it. I definitely think you should label your quilts and be proud of them. You obviously put a lot of work into them, and it is not blowing your own trumpet at all – go on, do it

  3. Beautiful quilt and although I think about labeling my quilts I have to admit that I’m too lazy to do so. I think about 100 years down the road when someone is looking at it wondering who made it but I’ve yet to do so.

  4. Great job. I label everything even if it’s only a small label sewn into the binding. Even if the quilt falls apart the label could be saved and used again or just saved as a memento. Thanks for sharing.

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