It’s My Birthday….

and I’ll sleep if I want to…vbg.  Actually I feel fantastic after an hour and a half’s nanna nap this afternoon….vbg.

Good grief to think it’s a whole 12 months since I turned 40.  Funny turning 41 didn’t seem half so bad – I wonder why….lol.

Lovely pressies from the kids.  Nicola gave me some lovely soap and a manicure set for my toilet bag.  James some candles cause he said I needed some better ones and ” they are gold so they must be good”.  Elise gave me some earrings she had made, a beautiful card (also hand made), made me breakfast and is cooking (buying takeaway with Dad’s help) for tea. Mum gave me a lovely tissue box holder, some gorgeous hand cream (smells of roses) and some small containers for the sewing room to put all those “bits and peices” in……she knows me well….lol.

Look what Ashley gave me…….

A GPS so now I have no excuse for not being able to find my way to the shops…vbg.  It’s a later version of his and even has Bluetooth so it can connect to my phone.  Might have to get Ashley or Elise to do that bit as I’m not totally sure what Bluetooth is or even how to work it……yeah I know…..modern technology.  Anyway it’s easy to use – I can work Ashley’s – and it’s a good size so I can see it clearly.  Yipee…One more concern about travelling to the Stitches and Craft Show – eliminated.

Just because I had time before my nap and I saw an article mentioned somewhere about taking Macro shots with a digital camera – I just had to take one of Jess’s Paw.  Ok so it’s one of Jess’s slightly dusty/grotty paw.

I know, I know – totally random and not really connected to this post at all – but hey it’s my birthday and I can do what I want.  Right????


10 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday….

  1. Hope it was a great day, Catherine – sure sounds like it. No problem with being 41….it’s a whole 9 years away from being 50…lol. Oh sorry, did I just spoil your day?

    Enjoy all your pressies – they sound great.

  2. Hola Catherine, feliz cumpleaños, espero que halla tenido un dia espectacular junto a su familia, disfrutando de todo el amor y sus bellos regalos, sobretodo su GPS, para encontrar sus tiendas favoritas, ….y por supuesto tiene todos los privilegios para colocar las fotos que quiera …es una buena idea en todo caso para un camino con la huella de su modelo.
    Un abrazo con mucho cariño, y que Dios la bendiga…
    Besos Odette

  3. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Catherine…happy birthday to you.

    Sending you virtual hugs, kisses and chocolate cake (or whatever flavor you can imagine).


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