Illinois Quilt

I have been a good wife this morning.  Not only is the house clean, but the washing done, biscuits baked aaaannnnd I have even mended The Man of The House’s work shorts and shirt – although how long the mending will last is anyone’s guess as Ashley is very hard on his clothes – particularly pockets. It has something to do with all the screw drivers and other sharp tools that he indiscriminately stuffs into them.

I have even vacumed  the sewing room floor as it was a bit of a disaster zone after putting together the main body of the Illinois Quilt.


Four blocks (remember they are 18 inch blocks) with borders would make a lovely small quilt just right for a smaller table or to drape over the back of a couch or chair.  I’m seriously thinking of making just four blocks in blues and creams for my Mum’s table for her birthday which isn’t until June so I have some time to do it in.

Even two blocks – sorry no photo – you will have to use your imagination or put a piece of paper up against your computer screen blocking out two of the blocks in the above photo – with borders would make a simple and easy table runner of decent sized proportions.


……sixteen blocks makes an absolutely wonderful quilt in a size that’s just right for nanna naps or snuggling up on the couch while watching TV.

I still have to add a border of cream to this and then quilt and bind it and it’s done.  I’m sooooooo pleased with this quilt.  Completely different to anything I have done before and while it seemed to take forever – once you have those BIG blocks together it is so fast and easy.

Ok so don’t look to closely as some of my points aren’t all that wonderful and occasionally triangles don’t meet where they should – but as no Quilt Police are allowed in my home I really don’t care.  I have to wonder though why when I cut everything so carefully and used the same rulers for everything, then sewed everything together again so carefully and pressed even more carefully – why on earth points etc don’t meet?  It’s a bit like pondering just why nine year old boys don’t like cleaning their rooms or why 15 year old girls  don’t like making their beds or taking out the garbage.  Probably all questions that may never be answered.

Ohh and gues who got caught checking out whether my fat quarters would make a suitable sleeping spot…..

Poor Jess got “THE LOOK” (which I might add never works on the children or dogs) and promptly removed himself not only off the shelf but also out of the sewing room until a later time when he decided that his cushion really was ok to sleep on.

8 thoughts on “Illinois Quilt

  1. I like those blocks! That’s going to be a nice quilt. I also like the “Fruits and Vegetables” label on your fat quarter drawer. Maybe Jess is only looking for a balanced diet. 🙂

  2. Most quilts that I look at make me think, “Oh yes, that’s nice..” and I keep going. This one really made me sit up and take notice.

    It’s striking, it’s beautiful, the colours are lovely, and what’s more….it looks like a quilt that even I might be able to do.

    If I do make it, in one form or another, I will definitely refer to it always as ‘Catherine’s Quilt’.

    Just beautiful….and I didn’t even notice the points…lol.

  3. This quilt is amazing! You are going to have so much enjoyment using it. I like the idea of it as a tablecloth. No quilt police allowed in this house either and you are putting all the bad wives to shame today!!!!!

  4. Just beautiful Catherine I really like this one and the colours are fantastic, do they match the new colours on the walls?

    LOL, your cat is so tiny compared to my monster. Mine is in the doghouse for trying to nip me yesterday while I petted him. He doesn’t normally do that so I wonder if he’s gettin crotchety in his old age.

  5. Hola Catherine, que belleza de trabajo, es admirable tu dedicacion en el hogar, yo hoy no he apoyado mucho a la familia, es verano y hace mucho calor aca en Iquique, no dan muchas ganas de trabajar en el dia y para colmo estoy muy resfriada…espero estar mejor mañana.
    Estare mirando su blog para conocer los avances de su colcha, se que quedara magnifica, usted trabaja muy bien
    Un abrazo cariñoso desde Chile

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  7. Oooh, Catherine! Your Illinois quilt would look fabulous as a floor cloth – the kind that mimics marble tiles – love the colors and textures you chose.

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