Nicola’s Bag

LOOK Nicola has done some sewing.  Yes I know it was a shock to me too – although it shouldn’t be as she was given a rather large hint by a very frustrated mother that she really should get off the computer/Nintendo DS/Tv and do something with the sewing machine before it packed up and left home cause it was feeling soooooo neglected.  Ohh and I do have an excuse for being so mean as to interrupt the idiot boxes hold on my child – in between games Nicola would drift around the house saying how she would love to make something but didn’t know what.  I had also suggested she do some housework but somehow that had no appeal…….I  wonder why???

Nicola declared she just “had to have” a black and white bag – so who am I to argue?

Parts of a few fat quarters, some batting and a little time and patience and tadaaaaa.  A very simple quilt as you go method and simple double fold binding for the top of the bag.  Easy.  I only help about five percent of the time which mainly consisted of telling her what the next step is.   Today we have been to the library and gathered up some more craft magazines and their patterns in the hope of Nicola finding a few more simple projects to make.

I have dropped a huge hint that I would like one of these bags for myself but so far she isn’t taking any notice of me…..I wonder why???

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