A Huge Thank You

I am going to email all those who replied to yesterdays post but I wanted to also publically thank you all for your support in what must seem an incredibly stupid fear.  I confess that I was going to delete yesterdays post on my fear of driving to distant places. It seemed so stupid and silly.  Honestly there are far worse things that can happen than hopping in the car and heading off on a new adventure – but sometimes that adventure can seem like an insurmountable mountain.

Just before I logged into my blog I checked my emails last night. A routine thing I thought – check them then do the dirty deed and hit the delete button.  Imagine my surprise to find so many lovely and caring emails  from Justine, Cathy, Nichola, Alice, The Chocolate Cat, Karen (aka Bunks) Lauri, Sharon H., Virtual Quilter, Lissa, Chookyblue, Kate and Jame.  Thank you all so much.

My confidence is on a rise to the point that I checked out Ballarat Patchworks Blog and Class List and found a class I would love to do in April.  It’s on Hand Quilting – The Thimble Lady Technique.  I showed Ashley and he’s all for me toddling off to Ballarat (by myself no less)  then and having a go.  I won’t make a booking yet – but the family have been warned that that is MY weekend…vbg.

As for the Melbourne Stitches and Craft Show – well barring any disasters or a major attack of the nerves I think I will be there – with bells on.  I’ll be the one floating around the ceiling on a high from looking at all those lovely fabrics, quilting gadgets and from being brave enough to drive  there.  Now just to save up some money – ohh and I might buy my own GPS….roflmol…..after all I wouldn’t want to get lost now would I…vbg.

With Many Thanks and Cyber Hugs for your support



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