1930’s Follies

So having not a lot to do today and being in the mood to sew I worked very hard on getting my 1930’s quilt finished.

It was at this stage last night – just needing borders.  I thought to have a plain white border then a peiced one of some description then another white border – but while the idea might have worked in my head it just didn’t in real life…..and as we all know “Real Life” is where we live.

Sorry about the lousy photo – my quilt holders were busy watching TV and told me they didn’t have time to hold up the quilt again for me….grrrr.  Anyway in the end I put on just plain white borders but I have cut the binding out of left over peices of the fabrics so it will be nice  and very mixed in its colours.

This is the backing peice.  All the 1930’s fat quarters that I liked but just couldn’t see myself using in anything else, plus a few others that “sneaked” in cause I wanted to use them up.  Some were very “babyish” which, with two teenagers in the house and a boy who tells me he is a “young man”,  I couldn’t see being used anytime soon.  I also mananged to use up two more of the orphan blocks.

So while all this sewing has been happening Jess and I have also been having some major discussions on where he is to sleep in my newly organised sewing room.

My sewing chair is NOT one of the preferred sites – well at least I would prefer him not to sleep there.

Finally after my IRONING the pillow no less, well I had to make it warm – Jess has agreed that just maybe this might be an acceptable place to lie – at least until something better comes along – like the  keyboard of my laptop or a quite top I’m trying to piece…..sigh.


4 thoughts on “1930’s Follies

  1. LOL, I was wondering about the look on one of those faces, it’s definitely the I’m not happy to be doing this look.

    I can never get my cat to sleep where I want him to. Beautiful comfy pet bed and he won’t go near it. Good luck with yours.


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