No Sewing Today

Instead I have spent the entire morning down the street with Elise and Nicola outfitting them for school.  Finally I think I might actually be all done with buying their books, pens, clothes etc.  There are still some text books to pick up and pay for but I can’t get them until after the 19th of January and I still have to buy Elise a Mathomat which we forgot this morning but I think we are done.  The girls are now going through their books, labelling them, Elise is dishing out advice by the bucket full for Nicola and I’m staying well out of the way….vbg.

Each year I know that it will cost and arm and a leg to get the kids ready for school but nothing prepares me for the acutal cost of it all. Shoes are a prime example.  The girls have to wear either lace up black school shoes or “T” Bars – both of which, quite frankly, I consider hideous but that’s the school rules.  In the end I bought both of them lace up shoes.  Same brand. Same style.  Different sizes and of course different prices.  Elise’s were $100 while Nicola’s were $90.  Can someone explain that to me?  Luckily we found hidden in the cupboard a school dress which with very little altering will fit Nicola nicely so that was one less thing I had to buy.  Even stationary was expensive.  Arrrrrrrr!!!!  Never mind it’s all done now and I only have James to go.  At least his school supplies are cheap/cheaper.  He has plenty of school clothes (mainly hand me downs from Nicola) but since he only has to wear a Yellow Polo shirt and blue shorts they are pretty unisex thank goodness.

At least it’s cooler today so Ashley went to work this morning with James and got lots done…yipee….so that was two less people I had to deal with this morning. Now I’m off to read blogs and discover what everyone else has been doing – which is hopefully a lot of crafty stuff as I’m having withdrawals but after all that shopping the brain is on meltdown….sigh.


2 thoughts on “No Sewing Today

  1. I’m hearing you!!! I can’t pick up our booklists until the 29th but I have prepaid them – horrendous even after picking up some 2nd hand books. Now I’m attacking the stationary, think there will be a trip out of town early next week to get it all while it’s on sale!!

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