“H” Mode

I’m still very much in Holiday aka Hibernation Mode.  It’s helped tremendously that Ashley is also taking most of this week off too which means he will have had nearly two whole weeks of not being at everyone else’s beck and call….just mine……..only kidding…vbg.  Most days he has played in the shed and we have been doing a bit of gardening/fencing/renovating but details and photos  will have to wait for another post.

I didn’t realise just how much the whole family needed time off to just relax and unwind and do nothing.  It’s been absolute bliss to have time to ourselves.I even managed a whole three hours sewing yesterday afternoon.  No interruptions, no dramas and no housework.

I saw this quilt in a magazine that I had borrowed from the library before Christmas and just had to have a go.

It’s really simple half  Log Cabin Blocks.  One and a Half inch strips and a four inch (cut size) corner block.  The quilt called for 120 of these but by the time I had done 37 (why such an odd number I don’t know) I had had enough.  There was enough to make a respectable lap sized quilt if I added borders…………..but…………….. then I discovered these orphan blocks.

They were left over from the Birthday quilt I had made a friend and goodness me they are in 1930’s fabrics too…vbg.

So then I spent several hours minutes last night trying to work out how I could fit the two styles of blocks together when I should have been sleeping.

This morning, up early because Cleo had her last injection at the vets at 9 am,  I came up with this plan.  Well ok so I just threw the blocks on the semi clean floor of the sewing room and they worked – I hope.

Sorry it’s such a crap photo but I had my backside pushed up against the sewing bench and was contorting myself at odd angles to even get this shot. I seriously need a design wall – I’m just not sure where to put it.  The Orphan blocks will need additional strips added to make them fit with the log cabin blocks but I have plenty of 1930’s fat quarters so that won’t be a problem.  I can see some sort of border on this – perhaps a plain white with appliqued “something” but not sure yet.  Now just to get them sewn together before anything happens to the blocks.

Now I know I said I would finish all my ufo’s before I started anything new that even vaguely resembled anything quilty but I couldn’t resist it.  I did however finish the “Lemonade Quilt”.

Cleo had to pose on it for me…..grin.  Ajax and I have christened it all ready.  He curled up on it while I was sewing the binding on and then we both snuggled under it for a Nanna Nap the other afternoon.

I was so impressed with the quilting. An edge to edge design that I literally made up when playing the other day.  Pretty darn easy and sooooooo relaxing to do.

I’m so proud of it I just have to show you another shot of the back….vbg.  It’s not perfect stitching but as I have trained Milly to bark at the  Quilt Police if they even dare show up I don’t really care.  The point is I had FUN quilting this quilt, love looking at it AND it’s another off my UFO list.  Yipee!!!!

To help with the quilt guilt of starting a new quilt I have also finsihed the binding on “Old Tobacco Road”.  Don’t mind the rubber chicken lying on the lounge room floor.  It’s one of Ajax’s toys…vbg.

James now has this quilt draped over the couch in his room.  It was destined originally to be on his bed but I’m afraid it was taking me toooooooo long to finish it and the lure of a “Transformers” Doona Cover  that he saw one day while shopping  got to him so that now had pride of place on his bed and this smartens up the couch….sigh.

5 thoughts on ““H” Mode

  1. Love the new quilt with the 30’s prints. I’ve got to get mine out and do somethign with them. You have been very busy! Two quilts completed! Great quilts too!

  2. Your OTR looks great! If James does not want it, tell him it can have a home with me. LOL. That would save me from making my own, which I still plan to do, but Bonnie keeps coming up with more lovely patterns!

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