Good grief Christmas is over all ready and here we are on the verge of beginning a New Year with all its excitement and challanges.

Christmas was spent very quietly with just us and Mum and the company of a very, very nice peice of spit roasted pork, the chicken I had cooked the day before, lovely roast vegies and a cheesecake that was magnificent….vbg.  Of course left overs were a natural and easy meal for Christmas tea not to mention the next few days.  Each year I complain about how much cooking I have to do but by the end of Christmas week I am eternally grateful for those leftovers as I means I have time off out of the kitchen.

At last I can reveal what I sent and received in Chookyblues Secret Santa Swap. Do pop over and check out all the wonderful presents that everyone has received on Chookyblues blog.  There is so much inspiration and everyone has been so spoilt this Christmas.

My Swap Partner was Odette in Chile and I’m pleased to say that the gifts arrived safely and I have had a lovely email from Odette thanking me.

Ohh the excitment of it all and I’m sooooo glad that I waited until Christmas to open my lovely present from Sharon in the US.

Sharon sent me the loveliest Christmas quilt which is now hanging right in front of my sewing machine so I can enjoy it, some coffee, maple sugar lollies, needles, note pad and sticky notes, some of the cutest Christmas prints and a Nascar car for Ashley with lollies inside it as Sharon’s DH used to race cars in his younger days.  Ashley was so touched that she included a little something for him in my present.

In between the excitment of Christmas, stinking hot weather, swimming daily and a migrane which has been lurking for days I have managed to get Old Tabacco Road quilted – finally.  I used whatever I could find in fat quarters for the backing – can you tell I’m raiding my stash…..vbg.

It is now trimmed and I just have to decide on what I want to use for the binding and get that on and it’s done.  Yipee.  You can’t see the quilting very well but I did a big stipple stitch on the bigger blocks and a small stipple on the little ones.

I have cut and ironed the binding for Bricks and Stepping Stones and trimmed the quilt.  Now just to fight my way free of this migrane and I can get that bound and on Nicola’s bed.

I hope everyone has a fabulous New Years Eve and a wonderful New Year. The only resolution I am making is to finish up all my UFO quilts (there are about five so far) before I start anything new that even vaguely resembles a quilt.  Small projects are allowed…vbg….but nothing major until I have cleared the backlog.  It will be interesting to see if I can stick with it.


3 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Wonderful gifts given and received. I just loved it when I opened mine as well.

    Old Tobacco Road is looking great. The lighting in this photo does the quilt justice and it really stands out better. It’s looking good.

    LOL, hmm…no more new projects huh. Does this mean you’re not going to try out the new mystery quilt Bonnie is doing over on Quiltville? VBG

    How about we just forgive you ahead of time that way when you cave you’re forgiven? 🙂

    Man, I have so many projects of my own to finish off I could be making the same resolution but…

  2. beautiful gifts sent and received…….thanks for being part of the SSCS……….I love all the extra special food that we have at Christmas……
    Your quilt is looking great…….

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