It’s Christmas Eve

Well ok so it’s the morning of Christmas Eve and I’m predicting already that it’s going to be a looooong day and that I might need a nanna nap by this afternoon….vbg.

I was out in the garden at 6.30 am this morning.  It’s lovely and cool but the day promises to be hot and the vegetables needed a good drink to keep them going.  There are four capsciums growing very nicely on their bush – still at the green stage but it won’t be long and they will turn red.  Very Christmassy.  Strawberries flowers abound and some fruit is starting to grow but won’t be ready in time for Christmas. Maybe I can have strawberries and cream for my birthday…..well I can only wish.

More beans were picked although the plants really are suffering in the heat.  A lot more mulch around them would help – I just don’t have any at the moment nor the time to mulch up some more weeds.  The rocket (thanks Maureen for the seed – you’re right it does grow fast) and lettuces are at picking stage.  They are still baby plants so lovely and tender.  Ohh and the big news is I picked my first tomatoe. I was moving the branches to make sure the water was getting to them all and there it was. Now that was a super Christmas present.

There is washing to do and Cleo has another visit to the vet in 20 mins or so for the next injection then I’m home to start baking.    The chicken is on the spit already basted in melted butter, honey and black pepper. It makes the skin go lovely and crispy.  Cheesecake to make, mince pies and vegies to prepare.

From not getting any sewing done at all I managed to get all the blocks done for the latest project.  A octagon shaped table centre. Photos when I am further along in it’s progress.  It’s one of those make it up as I go along jobs…vbg.

There were even roses out blooming nicely in the garden this morning so I have picked a bucket full of foliage and what roses I can find in the hopes I might manage to make some floral arrangements for the house at some stage of today.

Right off to start the washing and to make myself semi presentable for the vet.

Quick Update

Cleo has had her vets visit.  Quick injection and it was all over before she had time to stress so now she is home being spoilt rotton by the kids…vbg.

Fruit Mince Pies are made, baked and some already eaten……….shhhhhh don’t tell anyone.

Chook is well and truly roasted with many thanks to our Spit…..

….what a pity we don’t have “Smell A Blog” cause the kitchen smells divine.

I have had my absolutely last trip down the street before Christmas – only to do the banking and I avoided anything that looked like a shop or where I could spend money…vbg.

The kids have Christmas Carols playing and are singing along.  I have flowers to arrange and wine to put in the fridge…lol….mustn’t forget the important jobs – the wine that is.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Much Love



6 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Eve

  1. I think I need to visit the vet with Cleo…I could do with a shot to get my body moving as well.

    So I thought a chook was a chicken but that looks like a turkey to me. Are all kinds of poultry called chooks?

    It all looks very yummy and since today is Christmas Eve then it must be Christmas at your place so Merry Christmas and God bless.


  2. Hello Catherine, I’m very happy, the gorgeous presents you sent have arrived, everything is VERY NICE, thank you very much, for the bag specially, I hope God bless you a lot.
    I also hope you enjoyed with your family these holidays and I send you a big hug from Chile.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  3. If Christmas eve preparations are any indication, I’m sure that you had a wonderful Christmas. Everything looks beautiful and yummy. I almost ‘could’ smell the wonderful smells.

  4. Hi Catherine – you sounded remarkably sane for Christmas Eve…lol, but then, you sounded very organised, too.

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day, and that 2009 will be a fantastic year for you all – especially healthwise.

    Love – ‘Alice’

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