Merry Christmas

My goodness Christmas is only ” two sleeps away” as James would say.  Where on earth has the year gone?  Perhaps because I started the year with a significant milestone in the shape of my  birthday, I have been more aware of time passing quickly or maybe it’s just because this year has been insanely busy, but it truly seems only yesterday I was preparing for Christmas and now here it is again.

I’m pleased to say that apart from a bit of last minute baking – mince pies, cheesecake and the like I am all orgainised.  Presents are wrapped although not all are under the tree – that will happen tomorrow night to stop people both big and small peeking….lol.   Not even I’m allowed to have a sneaky feel of my Christmas presents…..which quite frankly I think is pretty darn unfair.   Now that school is finally over and Ashley is winding down work wise I’m beginning to feel much more in the Christmas mood.

I truly cannot thank you all enough for your friendship, creativity, inspiration and  encouragement  through out the year.

So from Me and Mine……

To You and Yours….

Have a wonderful and Joyous Christmas.

May the Blessings of the Season be with you all.

Catherine, Ashley, Elise, Nicola and James.


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