A Presentation, A Graduation and A Birthday

We have definately ended the week on a high here at Calidore’s house.

Last Sunday was Cleo’s Birthday.  She is 17 – a ripe old age in anyones books especially for a dog.

There was a bit of a health scare for her earlier in the week.  Her back legs are becoming increasingly weaker but after a visit to the vet (the first one since 1990!!!) and some anti inflamatories she is so much more comfortable.  Now we are trialling some injections – one a week for four weeks – to try and build up some tissues between the joints to give her a little more comfort.  Despite all this her appetite hasn’t declined and she is the same sweet natured, loyal and loving dog that she always was.

Thursday night saw the family heading in two different directions.  Elise received a Distinction award from the College for all her hard work through the year.  Wonderful news as she has really battled at times this year with having no maths teacher at struggling with some of the other school work.  It just goes to show that hard work, and lots of hours of doing homework, really do pay off.

Unfortuantely her Presentation night ended up being on the same night as Nicola’s Graduation Night from Primary School.

This was the first time that the Grade Six Graduation was held at night.  It worked well for so many parents who work and can’t get time off as the hall was filled with families celebrating another milestone in their childs life.  Unfortuantely for quite a few of us – it meant some juggling to see our other children’s big night as well.

As always though in these difficult situations our family pulls together very nicely.  My Mum, James and Elise’s best friend (and my other “daughter”) Belinda went with Elise to cheer her on while Ashley and I went to Nicola’s Graduation.

James declared that “even though it will probably be very boring I will go with Elise cause she needs more family than just Nan to be with her”.  Not a bad thought for a nine year old.

In the end it all worked out very nicely.  Ashley and I saw Nicola’s Graduation and the teachers had obviously been told to hurry things along a bit as they were finished in plenty of time for us to get to the Town Hall and we were able to see Elise receive her award.  A satisfactory outcome in the end.

Friday was the last day of school for James even though he didn’t offically attend.  We popped up to the school long enough to drop off Teacher Christmas presents, wish everyone a Merry Christmas and collect the school chooks as we “chook sit ” them during the long hot summer. It’s one less job that the Vice Principa has to worry about.

Ohh and speaking of Vice Principals  – Mr C. is retiring at the end of 2009 after a long and very distinguished career as a teacher.  He is one of those teachers who instinctivly knows how to make a child feel that they are capable of achieving anything but on the other hand all the kids at the school know just how far they can’t go if they don’t want to have him dissappointed in them.  So now I have another quilt to make – a retirement gift.  I’m thinking of a school house pattern but will wait until the Christmas break to start searching and deciding on what I want.  A lap quilt I think – but it will be a big quilt as Mr C. is well over six feet tall.


4 thoughts on “A Presentation, A Graduation and A Birthday

  1. Tell Elise congrats on the award she won and Nicola as well, she looks beautiful. James is looking cute as a button (Maybe not tell him that, boys don’t want to know they’re cute do they?).

    Glad that you got to see both of the girls. LOL, should be interesting to see how things turn out with the chooks over the holidays. Maybe they’ll eat the bugs off the garden plants for you but then again maybe they’ll drive you nuts?

    Luck with the quilt, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

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