The Pool

Look out – two posts in two days – what on earth is happening?  Could this mean that finally I have managed to sneak some time and blog?   Now only if I could sneak some time in the sewing room…..I’m seriously having withdrawals.

After what really was months of work and planning the pool is finally up and ready to swim in.

As it is braceless there was lots of preparation and pouring of concrete pads under each of the “braces” in order  for it to be fully stable.  Milly thought it was wonderful with all this activity going on.

Once the sides were on, the liner inserted and the capping ridge screwed down, Ashley and I then spent several hours walking around in very cold water with socks on no less (the instruction book recommended it so the liner wasn’t torn by long toe nails by mistake….even the thought of long toe nails makes me shudder) making sure the liner was spread out correctly. Despite it being a stinking hot day and my being sunburnt – the water was COLD… really cold!!!

At last we got to the stage where it could be filled with river water no less.  Lovely brown muddy stuff which is taking some time to get to the crystal clear stage.

This morning the pool was well and truly christened.  We looked out the dining room doors during breakfast to see two wild ducks waddling around the pool capping.  One popped in for a swim but didn’t stay in there long.  The pool is salt chlorinated and they obviously didn’t like it.    We have always had wild ducks on our dam and James and Ashley have even seen ducklings down there this year which will hopefully survive – but we certainly didn’t expect to see them on the pool.

Now for some hot weather so we can swim – although I’m not complaining about the lovely rain we have had over the past couple of days.  It’s certainly doing the garden good.


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