I’m over Renovating

If painting the house counts as crafting then I have definately done haps of crafty things.  Finally, after what seems like months but is in fact only a couple of weeks we have gone from a bare open space between the lounge room and dining room to a nice, new modern looking wall thanks to our lovely builders.  The plasterers have been to hang the sheets then more plasterers came and spent two and a half days filling gaps and hanging cornice. I had no idea that it would take that long to put a bit of plaster around but I must admit they did a fanstastic job and it’s well worth the money it will cost us.

Ashley was nice and gave me some days off – probably because he didn’t need me but I had to paint while I wasn’t working with him.

Choosing colours is hard especially when I really didn’t want to repaint the skirting boards and architraves  as well and so I had to find something that would go with “Mint Tea” which they were originally painted in.

Finally we chose Dulux “Burnished Bark”.  A colour that isn’t quite red but not quite brown either.

The feature wall in the lounge room was also painted in “Burnished Bark”.   Ohh and we finally got around to putting up the Christmas tree.  It’s 8 feet tall so Ashley always gets the job of putting on the Star as he is the only one who can reach up there without causing the tree to fall.

The ensuite is also painted. We have gone from this very horrible pink which I will admit to choosing and I should have been shot for picking it……ewwwww….

….to this stunning shade of blue.  Sorry it’s such a dark photo – trust me it’s really nice and light in in real life.

I loved the colour Dulux “Frills” that I used in the ensuite so much I had to do a feature wall in our bedroom too.

It’s a very close match to the tiny bits of blue in the quilt on our bed.  Now I just have to find a picture of some sort to hang over the bed and it will look complete.

Speaking of quilts I just have to show you Bricks and Stepping Stones which was quilted a few weeks ago (prepainting) but still not bound.

I ladi it on Nicola’s bed just to see if it did work as well as I imagined and surprise, surprise it did!!!  Don’t mind the green quilt poking our underneath it – I couldn’t be bother removing the old quilt for the photo.  Yes I know I’m slack – but that’s me at the moment….vbg.


2 thoughts on “I’m over Renovating

  1. It’s all looking pretty good. I like the burnished bark but have to admit my favorite is the ensuite but I love blues and greens together so it’s no surprise.

    You’re good at painting, my hubby wouldn’t let me near the ceilings. I can paint inbetween the edges after he’s done the baseboards and ceiling.

  2. Your renovations look fantastic and will be so worth it when every last thing is finished. We have the same mint trims!!! so thank you for finding a color that matches. Your ensuite looks great. Plenty of painting here to be done now you are an expert!!!!!

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