Going Round and Round

Good grief just as I start to think that life might be settling down…..it gets worse.  I have spent the week at home (yay no work…… just lots of housework) while waiting on tradesmen to arrive.  The builder has been and gone and fitted the new screen door at the front door.  A new “small” wall has been built and he attempted to put in the new sliding screen door – unfortuntely it was made just a bees whisker too big and didn’t fit – so it had to be remade and the door place fitted it the next day. Now I’m waiting on plasterers to arrive to finish off the wall that was already built and plaster the new wall.  If it wasn’t for the fact I know they are absolutely flat out I would think that they must have melted in the heat as it’s been absolutely horrible here.  I really must remember to take some more photos.

The pool is progressing – very slowly but fingers crossed we might actually be able to swim in it by Christmas.  At least I’m hoping  it will be this years Christmas.  Some minor problems regarding our measurements has meant a small set back but the problem is solved and we can continue…yipee.  Now we get to play with what they call Stabalised Sand – which is a sand and cement mix designed for pools………ohh the fun…..not!!

I have finally finished quilting the Bricks and Stepping Stones Quilt.It’s been on the gammill for weeks, looking at me accusingly as I walked very quickly past it, but no more.

The quilting isn’t as good as I hoped for but it will do.  At least it’s off the Gammill which is the main thing.  I will bind it as soon as I find five minutes to sit and do nothing and just as soon as I work out what I was going to use for the binding.  There are at least another six quilts waiting to be quilted – but I guess they are happy in their box…..at least I hope they are.

On the renovating side of things I did manage to paint the ensuite and have put the first coat of paint on the feature wall in our bedroom.  I’m feeling very pleased with myself having managed to use a roller (always a tricky painting instrument) and even managed to do a reasonably good job.  Now there’s just the rest of the house to do….sigh.  At least the kids gave me a thumbs up on my efforts. I have taken photos – just haven’t found time to load them onto flickr – yet.

Right I’m off to bed. It’s been a very long and hot day with lots happening.  I hope your weekend is a good one.


4 thoughts on “Going Round and Round

  1. The quilt is beautiful Catherine and can’t wait to see pictures of how the walls are turning out. Good luck with the painting I’m hopeless when it comes to a fine line and the ceilings.

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