Quilting Men

Where I live quilting is considered to be a  woman’s domain.  It’s just one of those things – not intended to be sexist – at least I don’t think so anyway, it’s just a fact of life. I don’t know of any male quilters in my part of the world and I think I would be fairly accurate in saying that a great many of you would be the same.

I’m not saying there aren’t male quilters – there are and they make the most magnificent quilts – quilts I would give my right arm to look at let alone make.  So it is with great pleasure I point you to two Male Quilters Blogs.

Quilt Dad I have been reading for a while.  John has been participating in lots of swaps and his style and growth in different aspects of quilts is amazing.  He is very open in what he is trying to do and if I could obtain even some of his accuracy and style I would be happy.

Today John pointed the way to another male Quilters blog – Tanner’s Notes.  I have had a bit of a browse today and can see myself going back and checking out more of Tanner’s quilts.

Pop on over and check them out.  You never know what you might find.


3 thoughts on “Quilting Men

  1. Thanks, I’ve gone to have a look. My first block swap was organized by a fellow out in San Fransico. LOL, I’ve still the blocks sitting in the closet waiting to be used.

  2. Hello, I’m a male quilter . . .

    I’ve been quilting since 1976 . . .

    On my blog, I’ve begun compiling a list of male quilters with an online presence . . . our numbers are growing!!

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