Milly and the Pot

Milly and the Pot, originally uploaded by Calidores Gardener.

Same day, same trenches just throw Milly and a flower pot into the mix and chaos happens.

Milly has the really bad habit of holding a pot so she can’t see. The fact that she had obviously forgotten where the trenches were meant that her falling in them was only a matter of time. It took six tries before she finally worked out that she had to feel for each trench before taking a step while holding the pot…..which by the way was abandoned soon afterwards as she was disgusted at how much we were laughing at her.


One thought on “Milly and the Pot

  1. Very cute. I didn’t know you could post videos to the blog, lol, not that I have anything to post video-wise that is but nice to know the option is there.

    Hmm, craft tutorials might take on a whole new meaning now.

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