James In Action

James In Action, originally uploaded by Calidores Gardener.

Since there has been nothing even remotely crafty in the past week or so happening here AND the fact that I found the camera and worked out how the video function worked………big breath……here is one of the videos I took on the weekend of James in Action.

We were in the process of digging the trenches for the new pool and he vowed and declared (after a whole 30 seconds wielding the shovel) that there was no way he wanted a pool. It was all the girls idea.

So what else do desperate parents do …..we bribed him. “You can use the Kanga James providing you don’t run over anyone or any dogs and do fall down the trenches.” Needless to say he jumped at the chance and was quite happy “playing” for quite some time

Ohh and just for the record he is always supervised when he is using any machinery and is in fact quite good at driving the Kanga. Better than his mother anyway.


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