Christmas Presents

Part of yesterdays “getting organised” routine was spent sorting out Christmas presents.  Normally I’m soooooooo organised.  Not this year!!!!

I managed to get these  bags made on the weekend.

This one is destined for James’s teacher Mrs G.  She is the most wonderful teacher and he loves being in her class room.  Mrs G. has been so supportive with the Bullying James has been subjected to and is honestly trying her best so we thought it only fair she should be rewarded for all her hard work.  James picked out a calendar with kittens on it cause it was “Sooooo cute” (his words but I have to agree) and a pen with “No 1 Teacher” on it.  I used the little stitchery I had started a week or so back.  It was fun and funky and just the sort of thing I hope James’s teacher likes.

This is Nanny K’s Christmas present.  Nanny K is a very dear friend who is like a second Mum to Ashley and I and a grandmother to the kids.  Together with Poppy B. they make a formidable team…vbg.  The kids adore them and have given their thumbs up on Nanny K recieving this bag.  We are going to fill it with biscuits for Poppy B.  He probably shouldn’t have too many of them but considering they are likely to be inundated with grandkids over Christmas I guess he will only get a few anyway..vbg.  I had started this stitchery straight after the other one and it seemed just right for this bag.  It’s amazing how a bit of ric rac always seems to make things just look that bit better.

I only had a fat quarter of the blue fabric  which had green spots in it which matched the stitching nicely, so I added this green fat quarter and some white to make up enough fabric.  I really like the effect I have to say.  Both fabrics are 1930’s repos.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Presents

  1. I will second that I love the bags & I love the birds you have embroidered. Is it a pattern you have bought? Would love to do those birds myself.


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