Christmas Is Coming

It wasn’t all that many years ago I remember hearing two elderly ladies chatting in the supermarket about Christmas.  I wasn’t eveasdropping – they had loud voices and judging by the looks on other shoppers faces I wasn’t the only one that could hear them…..just had to point that out in case you were wondering…vbg.

Both ladies were complaining (and there’s no other way to describe it) about Christmas.  The hassel it was.  All the food, cleaning the house, trying to find presents for people who probably wouldn’t appreciate them at all, having the family for dinner or going to the families home for dinner to find a meal that you didn’t like or didn’t want cause it was a roast and it was 40 degree plus with water in the water bag (old Aussie saying) hot enough to make tea without boiling it.

I just remember thinking – “How sad”.  They have truly forgotton what a joy and pleasure Christmas can be.  The excitement of it all.  Cooking your favorite foods, decorating the house, spending time with family and friends and having that after Christmas lunch nap before tucking into more fruit cake and a delicious evening meal.

Imagine my surprise when I found myself echoing those sentiments expressed by the two ladies the other day.  I suddenly realised just how close Christmas was and just how unorganised I am.  Very few presents made or bought.  Nothing wrapped.  Christmas baking is just not happening.  Even the fruit cake has been abandoned at this stage. I kept thinking what a hassel to decorate the house just as we are still renovating and will have plaster dust floating around and shortly (I hope) paint fumes wafting everywhere.

Do I sound pathetic????   I AM PATHETIC!!!!

Christmas is a time of celebration.  A time where we can rejoice in the greatest of all miracles – Christ’s Birth – yet here I am getting bogged down in the mundane tediium that is our commercial world.  Stressing myself over the little things when in reality those little things are really nothing.  My family don’t care whether the Christmas cake is baked or bought.   They don’t care whether the house is clean or if there is plaster dust on everything.  The kids are more likley to look at it and pretend it’s snow.  They want to put up the Christmas tree and warn Milly not to chew on anything.  They are making their lists, counting their pocket money and dropping not so subtle hints as to what they would like to receive for Christmas….ohh and asking as an after thought….”what would you like Mum?”  They are looking forward to our annual tradition of baking and decorating Gingerbread men and reminding me almost daily what lollies to buy when I shop to decorate the same Gingerbread men.


Time to move on.  Time to stop worrying over those little things and count my blessings.  Time to realise that in all things I have been blessed.  I have a wonderful husband, three magnificent Children, a lovely home, a garden that is now looking green thanks to the rain we have had, a Mum who lives nearby and I get to see daily, my three wonderful dogs and a cat who is spoilt rotten and last but by no means least – Blogging friends that make my day – everyday.

So now I’ve got that off my chest I’m off to wrap Christmas presents – the few I have so far.  Ohh and if my kids are reading this post – I haven’t bought/made/created yours yet so don’t bother searching the house cause there is nothing there to find…..roflmol.  However should you happen to have a little something for me please leave big hints as to where I might find it….lol.

Have a lovely day everyone.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming

  1. I think Christmas would be even more enjoyable if it wasn’t all left up to the mom to take care of.

    I’m okay now but years ago when we still exchanged gifts with my husband’s family it sucked all the joy out of Christmas. Given the fact that I too am a Christian and believe in the miracle of Christ’s birth, that says a lot.

    Worrying about buying presents and if they were okay, dealing with that one sister-in-law who didn’t like what you bought no matter what it was…well the one year I said enough is enough and said our family wouldn’t be participating in the gift exchange. I left it up to my kids, they could buy their own gifts if they wanted to exchange and none of them did.

    It was hard to sit there the first year watching the other families open presents but next year nobody exchanged gifts. It only took one person saying no.

    Since that time although it’s a lot of work I’ve enjoyed Christmas much more. When we get together it’s just a good time. Everyone brings food and helps and we all have a good chin wag.

  2. I am new to your blog and what a delightful find! I must say you are ahead of me….I haven’t bought any presents and haven’t put up any decorations yet. I am very unorganized! Christmas is just sneaking up on me this year. It might help if I didn’t spend so much circling the globe visiting all my blogging friends everyday with an excellent cup of coffee! Not to worry – I’ll be back to visit you in Australia – tomorrow!

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