Vegetables are bursting out all over

I was very lucky (and the fact I was desperate to do some baking and organising at home)  and was given  the whole day off so I thought it only fair that I should show some photos of my vegetable garden.  After all I have been admiring it in my all too fleeting spare moments.

It’s amazing what a difference of a few weeks, lots of sunshine and even some much needed rain can so to the size of the plants and their production rate.

The Tomatoes are growing rampant.  I have staked about six of them but can see I will have to stake the rest as they are just too big and floppy now.  I can’t imagine (and don’t really want to) what they will be like fully laden with fruit.

There are fruit already and if this weather keeps up I’m crossing my fingers that  I will have fresh home grown tomatoes for Christmas.

The lettuces are growing like you wouldn’t believe.  They really need picking and eating but we just haven’t got there….yet!!!  I put in two punnets both different sorts and I really am beginning to think that just one punnet would have been enough for the moment.  I really should hunt out some seeds and put them in at some stage today.

The Strawberries are just starting to flower.  I spent some time this morning weeding, putting worm castings around each plant and mulching the lot heavily with shredded paper.  It’s makes the best mulch, lets water through easily but not the weeds and will keep the fruit clean.  Plus we have heaps of it so it’s nice to use some of it up.

There are flowers on the beans as well.  These are yellow bush beans.  None of us are very fond of the green beans.  Too many meals of stringy beans has put us off them yet we haven’t had a bad feed of the yellow ones yet.  It took ages for the seeds to come up. I was beginning to think that they may have rotted then up they popped and in two days they were all standing up in rows….yipee.

Last but by no means least is a photo of my Hoya that Maureen gave me when we stayed with her and Graeme.  Look Maureen despite rampant neglect, lack of water – I only remember to water it when it rains, and being sat in one corner of the pergola………it’s flowering.  How’s that for tough….vbg.

Ok I’m off to pick up children then home to bring in washing and make lamingtons for tonights tea. The cake part was cooked this morning – now I just have to ice them and roll them in coconut.  Yumm!!

2 thoughts on “Vegetables are bursting out all over

  1. Wow, it seemed like it was just yesterday that you planted the garden and look at it now. Was that basil I saw in with the lettuce? The tomatoes are looking great.

    My favorite green bean is royal derby, it never seems to get stringy no matter how old the pods are. I don’t know why I plant romaine as I never seem to get around to eating it but the earwigs love it. My new favorite this year was something called Tom Thumb. It’s like a miniature iceburg and it doesn’t seem to bolt when it matures so you have a while to chow down the lot. One or two are good for a meal and the leaves are small enough that they fit a slice of bread nicely for a sandwich.

    LOL, it was milder today so I ran down to the garden. I didn’t get around to pulling the last carrots before the snow fell. Sure enough the ground was solid. I’ll have to see if they flower and produce seeds next year. I have leftover beets and onions as well. The onions went in so late they never got bigger than about an inch around if that. I also planted garlic but that’s supposed to be left in for two years. I have them in the raised beds so hopefully they’ll survive the winter.

    I’ve also got some strawberries in there. There used to be a berry farm five minutes down the road but they closed down the strawberry part of it. Our local berries cost more than the imports from California so this year I planted some. I’d had them years ago but they run rampant so I took them out. Hopefully they’ll be more contained in the raised bed.

    LOL, essay.

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