What A Week

Good grief it’s been a busy week.  I have had Elise sick between Sunday and Thursday with Migranes and vomiting caused by the migrane, which was inturn caused by her monthly cycle (she’ll kill me for mentioning that) still working itself out.  The end result was a visit to the Doctors and $50 worth of pain killers and anti nausea tablets which are working – yipee.  She returned to school on Friday to sit an exam/test for Enviromental Studies and is convinced she has failed as she didn’t understand it at all.  I had to ring the school Wednesday to explain why she wouldn’t be there to sit her Maths exam – they understood and will reschedule her exam for this next week.  Her Maths teacher even rang me to say it would be fine which was nice.

I have worked for the week. Wednesday was meant to be my day off but I really didn’t get a lot done with taking Elise to the Doctors, trying to find Ashley after he left his phone at home and just juggling everything else that had to be done, plus a major case of exhaustion.  I had James home Thursday and Friday.  He had a school camp but didn’t want to go.  Flatly refused in fact – I wasn’t that worried.  It was overnight at the Pioneer Settlement in our town at a cost of $70.  The kids didn’t go there until lunch time Thursday and returned to school lunch time Friday – so it wasn’t much of a camp.  Plus all the activities they were doing were what he had done when he had an excursion there in Preps.  I should know I went as a helper that year. As a result James stayed home to “look after” Elise on Thursday and then came to work with Ashley and I on Friday.

Friday night from 4 pm – 7 pm Elise started her new part time job at the local Best and Less Store. It was a training night for her and she had so much fun.  It helped that one of her friends started training the same night.  She doesn’t have to work again until next Friday – another training night – but with the Christmas sales starting soon there will soon be plenty of work for both girls once school has finished.

I have finally found the camera and uploaded some photos of our renovating adventures.  Nothing majorily exciting but I like what has been done so far.

Our new front door. The old one was solid and there was no light in the entry at all. Now there is heaps.  check out my lovely new light in the entry as well.  There were chandiliers (sorry can’t spell) in both the dining and entry but I couldn’t keep them clean so we have put up these instead.  They should be easier to keep clean – I hope.  I should say Ashley put up these lights – he wouldn’t let me near them….I wonder why….vbg.  The dining room light has five lights, while the entry only three.  Now I’m just waiting on my lights for over the kitchen bench to arrive.

James’s doors are now attached and he loves them.  Now he can close the doors and get away from us all….plus there is always the advantage that I might not see the mess in his room as I pass by the closed doors….sigh.

The old screen security door that was at the front is now “protecting” the laundry.  you might just be able to see the hole Milly ripped in it with her claws near the handle.  That is now where I put the laundry hose so I can water the garden.  It means that the cat can’t escape when the door is open and if I tell the dogs to stay outside they have to – not push their way in.

Part of the new dividing wall seperating the lounge from the dining room.  The framing is now done (I thought I had taken a photo but can’t find it) and I’m waiting on the plasterer who is supposed to be coming on Monday…..I hope.

Today I managed to get two bags made for Christmas gifts (photos have been taken), did the grocery shopping and the washing and even managed a nanna nap and went to a meeting.  Ashley worked all weekend and is exhausted this week doesn’t look like being any easier.

I hope your week is a good one.

3 thoughts on “What A Week

  1. Sounds like another busy week for you guys. I like the renovations but have to admit that it’s odd seeing the door with the light panels as it wouldn’t work in Canada with our cold winters.

    We installed a new garage door and went with one with the little window panels at the top, what a difference it makes. I still do a little happy dance every time I go out there with the recycling. No more dark and gloom so I can appreciate what a difference your new door makes for your home.

    Have to admit that it’s nice James has his own door for privacy and about the mess…vbg…just keep the door shut.

  2. I feel so bad for Elise. I have been getting migraines since I was 12 and about 6 years ago they took a turn for the worse and I figured out they were also related to my menstrual cycle. They truly take you out for days every month you get them. I see a nuerologist and am on several vitamins and a daily ibuprophen as well as meds for when I do get one…I went from 24 days last Dec. with a migraine to having one or two (much easier ones) every other month or so. I hope hers get better too.

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