Renovating…….and Working

It’s a pity we can’t have the renovating phase without having the working bit as well.  Still I guess you have to do the later to get the former paid for.  Does that make sense???  Now I’m beginning to wonder.

Anyhow – renovating is about a third of the way done.  A new front door, security door, door’s on James’s room, laundry door now fixed so I can open the door without braining Milly who refuses to move even though she must know it will hit her on the head.  The new wall seperating the lounge from the dining room is framed up and just waiting for plasters to come.  The wiring has been done – thanks to Ashley working all day Sunday on it and also moving the TV so it now hangs on a wall as well.  Photos as soon as I get time – I have temporarily lost the camera during the “quick we need to move furniture/stuff cause the builders are here earlier than I expected” phase.

As a result of this moving some furniture had to be moved in my sewing room too which now looks like a disaster zone.  The good news is that Grandma’s big comfy chair that was in the sewing room is now in our bedroom (which I will hopefully get to curl up in and sew at some stage)  while I have managed to fit another table in the sewing room.  Trust me it works…..well at least I hope it all does.  When I finally get time to do some more sewing I will know for sure.

This week sees me working nearly all week (I’m crossing my fingers for Friday off to get something done at home). We worked on a house at Ultima today.  Can I just say that I am not physcially built for crawling around under houses.  It’s a new transportable home which means it’s up on large steel trusses.  The men all tell me it’s easier to crawl around under than the old way the trusses were made.  Well it might be easier for men but definately not for me.  I had to pull phone wires under the house to various positions and crawl through the trusses several times.  Each and every time I nearly got stuck.  Men might be built anatomically in such a way they can fit through those trusses.  I’m not!!!  Basically what I mean is I have BIG BOOBS and I nearly got stuck cause they were in the way!!!   Ok Stop laughing.  It really wasn’t funny I was seriously worried for a bit.  Ashley just called out encouragement and did offer to help me get unstuck – but I didn’t need his kind of help.  By the time I got out the other men on the site were just about hysterical from laughing at my running commentary.  i walked off in dignified silence to dust myself down all the time promising myself I would get a minamising bra to wear next time I have to do something like that.

It was nice to come home to normallity of racing around getting tea on and washing on the line.  Working again tomorrow – another transportable home but luckily it’s still in the yard so I don’t have to crawl under it.

Ohh and my Secret Santa Swap Presents are all wrapped and ready to send – I just have to sneak away from work so I can post them.  I just hope my swap partner likes what I made.  I do and the kids having given each item a thumbs up so here’s hopeing.


3 thoughts on “Renovating…….and Working

  1. LOL about the boobs, for me it’d be boobs, stomach, arse…well you get the picture.

    I have a secret sister swap to do as well, want to give me any hints or ideas?

  2. You are very organized! I am haldf done and I don’t have the excuse of working, just of having a list and doing everthing in it’s turn! Good luck with the minimiser…that was funny! Tracey

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