An Early Start

My day started at 5 am this morning.  Well actually  I was awake at 4.30 am thinking that the alarm had gone off ………..except it hadn’t!!!  Don’t you just loathe when that happens?   Just as I was drifting off again it went off.

By 5.30 am Ashley and I were on the road to Melbourne to pick up a new trailer he had bought.  We got home – incident free and with one trailer attached to the work van – around 1.30pm.  Not bad.  Eight hours traveling – throw in breakfast at the Golden Arches  and a Hamburger with the lot for lunch and it wasn’t a bad trip.  I have had a nanna nap while traveling and read three quarters of my new book.  A successful trip in my eyes…vbg.

Now Ashley has gone out to Ultima (about 30 mins away) to dig (with the trench digger) a trench so the new house there can be connected to the electricity.   I have to pick up the kids at 3.30 then pick up some wire for him and take it out there after 3.30.  By then he will have the trench dug (fingers crossed) and I can help put in the wire and conduit that protects it.  It’s a stinking hot day and it’s the last thing I feel like but I can’t let him struggle with it for hours when it takes so much less time with two of us.

Opps phone just rang. I have to pick up the wire, then the kids then travel.  Honestly working out the logistics of work is sometimes harder than the actual work.

I must say thank you for the lovely comments on my new needlecase too. How kind you all are.  It’s still sitting in my sewing room and no more has been done on the embroidery but I’m planning on a quick ten minutes work then I’m off.

I hope your day is a lot shorter and an awful lot cooler than mine is.  Think hot and muggy and then double that and you have some idea on what it’s like.  Ewwwwwwww


One thought on “An Early Start

  1. It’s easy for me to think cool…we are on the edge of our winter here. We have snow flurries in the air. And in January and February we can have a blizzard!! But I know hot and muggy as well. In July and August it is hot and humid and MUGGY!!! You have a full day!! Have a good one. PS..we have a “5th wheel trailer” also. You can see it on one of my earlier posts.

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