A Tiny Bit of Craftiness

Finally I have found time to indulge in a bit of craftiness.  I had the overwhelming urge to make another needlecase.  Not that I really needed one – in fact it’s getting to the stage where my gravestone will read “She Collected Needlecases” – but I just couldn’t resist when I saw this one in the Australian Handmade Yearbook (Vol 25, No 4) which I picked up in my local library the other day.

I felt the need to make something simple.  Something feminine.  Something Pink.  Something that I really didn’t need but wanted anyway.

This needlecase allowed itself to fit into all those categories nicely…vbg.

It’s quite roomy inside.  Folded it measures 4 inch x 7 inch.  Spread out it is approx 12 inches by 7 inches.

It has some handy felt “pages” for needles with a pocket under neath for the essentials that you need.  A pincushion (left hand side of the photo) which is just the right size for a few pins.

A large pocket with a zip which I think I will store my embroidery scissors in.  Whenever I try to keep them in scissor holder they fall out.  At least by putting them in this pocket I can’t loose them.

Best of all it only took me a week to make!!! A week!!!!  Arrrr but considering the interruptions that I had that probably isn’t too bad.  I knew working was bad for me…….. it interrupts my creative time…vbg.  If you had time to make this in one sitting I would think a couple of hours or at least a morning should be all that you would need time wise.  I possibly could have used a better green fabric for the binding but it was all I had at the time and I’m still trying (not very successfully) to use up what is in my stash.  This needlecase used up very nicely all that pink floral material and I still have most of a fat quarter green to use in other things.

Today, feeling really yuck due to the heat and humidity I started embroidering this little Bird and Flower Sampler.

I haven’t got very far – yet – but I will.  I’m using a lovely shade of blue crochet cotton which is a dream to sew with and white homespun for the back ground.  I have no idea what I will make with this when I’m done.  The size of the embroidery actually ends up the same size as the needlecase pictured above which may mean it will end up as another needle case.  Or a bag.  Or a wall hanging.  See the possibilities are endless.

You can find the pattern for this lovely little embroidery here at Badbirds. It’s a freebie and sooooo cute.  Go on pop over and have a look there are  some more delightful embroideries there that you can use.

4 thoughts on “A Tiny Bit of Craftiness

  1. I have discovered your blog through Virtual Quilter. Thank you for sharing the lovely needlework case. It’s beautiful and the photos are super. Great blog. I love your garden photos as well. It must be quite a task to tackle such a large garden. I have a tiny one and it’s all I can manage on this other side of the world in Chicago, IL, USA.

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