Work, Gardening, Sleeping

Finally the weekend rolled around although it seemed to take it’s time getting here.  As always the week was busy for Ashley but I was allowed a day or two off – until he rang me Friday needing some lights picked up and delivered to where he was at the coolrooms at Woorinen.  I came home to spend the afternoon baking Nicola’s birthday cake and some buns for her party.

There were other  two momentous occasions on Friday. One was the rain that fell.  Nearly an inch of lovely, life giving rain which has refreshed not only the gardens and farm lands around here but also those of us who live around here. It’s amazing just how uplifted we all feel for having seen, heard and felt that rain falling continuously for the entire day.

The other momentous occassion was Elise went for her first job interview – just a casual postion at the local Best and Less clothing store.  I picked her up to be greeted with the news that she had been given the job.  Yipee.  Now I don’t have to provide pocket money – yes I know I’m mean Mum….lol.    There have been very clear rules set down in this house for her working though.  It absolutely cannot interfere with her studies and school. If we find there is too much of a conflict and Elise is struggling to keep up with her school work then the job goes.  If she wants to become a teacher then she must keep up her grades.  The other rule is that half of all the money earned must be put into a seperate bank account as savings.  Elise I might add is quite happy to go along with the rules and hopefully everything will work out ok.  She has a really good work ethic so I doubt that there will be any problems.

Saturday was spent buying her clothes for a work uniform.  She has to wear black slacks (we found two pairs that looked lovely on her) and a black shirt, plus black covered in shoes.  I didn’t mind the price I paid for them as she can wear the shoes for school as well.  Her school shoes are completely wrecked and have been hanging on by a thread for weeks but it’s not worth buying a new pair so close to the end of the year.

Saturday afternoon was Nicola’s 13th Birthday party with seven of her friends.  Everything went smoothly (thank goodness) and the girls enjoyed the movie “The Spiderwick Chronicals” which  I might add I enjoyed as well…vbg.

Sunday has been spent gardening.  Woodhenge is now obsolete although the Climbing Wedding Day rose that was climbing on it is still there.

(This photo was taken in the days when we had water and green grass)

We have had to make the hard decision to let the lawn and garden go in the front half of the garden.  Lack of time and very defiantely lack of water have meant that plans for that area have been revised and redrawn.  Now we will plant the entire area down to natives – a sort of bushland setting if all goes according to plan.

The Wedding Day Rose will be allowed to grow into a big mound and will be the only “exotic” in the area.  The blue pot I will use elsewhere, I just don’t know where yet….vbg.  All of the bush poles we pulled out will be used in the fence which is being shifted to accomodate the pool we bought the other week.

(The Middle Pergola looking towards Woodhenge and the front drive.  That huge expanse of lawn which is now dead due to lack of water (bottom left) is now gone to be replaced by the pool.)

After a nanny nap this afternoon I spent a couple of hours mulching all the prunings and weeds I had pulled out and have managed to finish mulching the garden bed close to the house. It’s so nice seeing those jobs done.

Monday looks like being busy again. Work in the morning then who knows what for the afternoon.  Regardless of what is happening I did manage to spend some time sitting in the shade of my Silver Birch, enjoying a cup of tea this afternoon and listening to the wind chimes gently make music.


2 thoughts on “Work, Gardening, Sleeping

  1. Congratulations to your daughter on her new job. I remember mine from long ago, how excited I was. It is exciting when it is dry to finally get some rain. We seem to go up and down with the rain anymore, and either have feast or famine.

  2. I especially like the last photo from the overhead view. A shame about the lawn but maybe less work cutting it if you replant with navites? What kind of pool? I guess you’ll post a picture once its in.

    Tell Elise congrats on the job and I hope everything works out well for her. It may be just a casual position but it’ll count towards her resume for getting better jobs when she gets older. It’s hard to find work unless you’ve started out at those small jobs. I have one son who put off getting a job as a teenager and then had loads of problems getting one in the summer between university.

    Happy late birthday wishes to Nicola as well and glad that the party went over well.

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