Swap Etiquette

Chookyblue had a link to a post by Calimity Kim on Swap Etiquette which I found fascinating to say the least.  If you are comtemplating a swap or even need a bit of refreshing on what is the right and wrong way to go about the whole swap do pop over and have a read. It’s very well written and gives an honest view (in my humble opinion) of what to expect and indeed what your responsibilities are.

I have only participated in one other swap and while in the end it had a happy ending it was a bit like pulling teeth to get a resolution. Disappointing???  Yes…..but the fun I had making up gifts for my swap partner more than made up for the down side I experienced.

Having signed up for Chookyblues Secret Santa Swap, and having had so much fun making up my gifts for my swap partner, I am eagerly looking forward to posting off my gifts and hoping with fingers and toes crossed that my swap partner enjoys them.  Tomorrows shopping trip will include purchasing some lovely paper to wrap the gifts in and getting them wrapped ready to send before the due date.

Will I particpate in more swaps??? Yes I sincerly think that I will.   In the end it is the giving, not the receiving that is more important.  It doesn’t matter that I don’t know my swap partner (I check out their blog for clues on what they like) I just love making small but special little things and posting them off as a lovely surprise for the recipient.

On that note I’m off to check out the gifts I have made again to see if there is something else I may need to make.


4 thoughts on “Swap Etiquette

  1. Thanks for posting this link Catherine. I haven’t done a one-on-one swap before but I do have a secret sister swap coming up for Christmas so there were a few good tips I learned on what to do.

  2. I like swaps because they make me think outside the box, but it really is about giving and creating for me. It was a really interesting post to read, and my SSCS swap is on its way hooray!

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