Don’t faint but here’s another post…vbg

Yes I know it’s a shock a post before the end of the week, but Ashley took pity on me this morning and told me I could have a lie in.

I was ready to crawl out of bed at 8 am (late start for a change) when he arrived with a cup of tea and told me to stay in bed.  Yesterday was another looooooong day but we got heaps done which is the main purpose to my dragging myself around to all these jobs.  Actually I don’t really have a choice but “dragging” sounds good…vbg.

This darling man even said I could take the whole day off if I wanted too.  Of course then the guilt started and I told him I would work this afternoon if he needed me.  It sounds like he does.  Still at least I have the house clean and the washing done.  Chow mein is cooking in the crock pot and a loaf of bread has just finished.

Its really strange.  Normally I loathe housework.  It’s a boring repetative job that has few rewards (at least from my stand point) and always needs doing.  Yet I find myself missing that same housework that  I would normally gladly pass onto someone else.  It was bliss this morning just to potter around and get things tidied up and dusted.  For those of you who have dust free homes (or homes that appear dust free) please get on your knees and give thanks for that home.  I have to tell you – there was more dust inside my house than outside when I started this morning.  If the kids were smaller they would have been able to finger paint in it.

Enough of the housework and the mention of work.  Sorry I have been going on about it so much – it’s still a really novel situation for me.  For those of you who work full or part time I really don’t blame you for not wanting to read my blog.

Still no crafting happening but I have opened the door and windows in the sewing room so at least it no longer smells of neglect but of lovely fresh air. I keep thinking lately I would like to make another bag.  I really don’t know what design but the bags I have seen on your blogs of late have inspired me.  Now just to get in there and make something.

I just have to include a couple of photos of the Melbourne Camp that Nicola and I went on.

Don’t get a fright at this one – I hate having my photo taken but Nicola insisted.  Of the three photos of me that were taken this was the best of a very bad bunch – ohh and it was incredibly windy and my hair wouldn’t sit right….well that’s my excuse.  Even I will admit I look exhausted here and it was only the first day……sigh. The children found the Shrine of Remberance interesting but I think it was the steps that were even more interesting.  It was amazing to see just how many times they could run up and down them – despite being told that this was a place they had to respect as it honored those who fought and were lost in the wars Australia has participated in.

On the last day we had a cruise down the Yarra River.  Something I haven’t done before and it was fascinating.  Nicola wasn’t overly impressed that I snapped this photo of her on her Birthday – but I had to have one special one to remember the day.


2 thoughts on “Don’t faint but here’s another post…vbg

  1. I think it’s a great picture but I can appreciate you not wanting to be on display as I’m the same, lol. Seems so strange listening to you talk about opening the windows to air out the house were as my part of the world we’ve now got them closed tightly although today was a lovely day abnormally high temp for this time of year.

    To bad I can’t enjoy it without the spectre of global-warming hovering over my head.

  2. I love your picture. It looks as if you and Nicola both have red hair in the picture. I always wanted red hair (I have blond). My father and at least 2 of his sisters were red heads, and my daughter is. It looks like you could have been part of my family. My son is blond and so are his kids (except the youngest who has a latin mama, hers is dark brown), but my daughter has 2 redheaded sons. We’re trying to keep it going in the family. Sounds like Ashley is a ‘darling man’, and when I think of the word helpmate, I will see your face now, I used to just think of your name. I think you’re both lucky.

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