E. T. W. O.




O….Over it all.

Once again I’m here but I’m not.  I have just taken a 30 minute blogging break to catch up on you all.  What busy little bees everyone has been – half your luck.

Work is fine if you don’t count totally exhausting.  I’m kidding myself that I may have lost some weight – but reality is the pies we have for morning tea are probably counteracting the weight loss part – ok so by then I’m starving.  The really good news is this week Ashley and I have fitted off (screwed on power points, exhaust fans etc) a change room and a house and wired (ran the wires prior to plasting) two houses.  Throw in the cool room we did more work on, a couple of airconditioners we wired and several other faults, plus all the running around that comes with the different jobs and the week just flew by.  I did have a couple of 8 o’clock starts and most days haven’t finished until 6 pm at night.  We are getting there though which is the main thing.  I know it probably doesn’t sound like much but trust me IT IS!!!

The house work has been sadly neglected but meals are cooked thanks to the children who have been taking it in turns….yipee.  My Mum has been a life saver when it comes to checking on the kids (even if they think they don’t need to be seen to), bringning in washing and occassionally hanging out a load when if isn’t finished before I leave for work.  She has even done the ironing for me. Honestly I don’t know how you girls work full time and care for a home and family and craft!!!!  Elise reckons I must be exhausted as I sat down for five minuntes the other night and nearly dozed off.  I would have but someone yelled my name.

Some interesting things I have discovered when I work are……

If there is a toilet on site (and now laws are in place to ensure that all work sites have a portable toilet) I can guarantee that all the men will use ALL the toilet paper before I get in there.  Ohh and there can be an hours break between people visiting the loo – but when I need to go there is someone knocking on the door asking politely “Will I be long?”   Men!!!!!!

Most men have been very, very welcoming to having a woman on the job site.  One told me (and yes he’s a friend but it was still nice of him to say it) that it was a pleasure to see me there as  I brighten the place up and I’m good to work with.  Awwwwww how nice of him…..ohh and it wasn’t my hubby either.  Although he has said that I was a “bit useful” during the week.  Work that one out.

I have also discovered that 17 year old “boys” dribble lots of lots of rubbish out of their mouths when they talk.  They also don’t seem to mind if their shorts are hanging down around their knees while they work.  Thank heavens they had jocks on or I might truly had had an eyefull.  In the end I made a point of commenting of how nice one boys jocks were and he promised me he would wear a belt the next day.  Sure enough as soon as he saw me the first thing out of his mouth was “I have a belt on today”…….wicked grin.  Sometimes Mum does know best….lol.

Today I have cleaned the house with the aid of some “helpers”  aka the family.  After some resistance to the idea of helping they were all reminded that next time they wanted someone to help at work, run kids down the street, provide money for a treat etc……..I would be incredibly busy doing my own thing and not able to help.  They finally saw the light.

Tomorrow I’m off to Melbourne with Nicola for a three day camp.  If I wasn’t so tired I would be looking forward to it more – but in the end it will be fun.  Nicola’s clothes are sorted – I just need to check them before she packs them.  I have thrown stuff at my suitcase but not really packed as yet.  That will happen today along with filing my nails and having a nanna nap.

I hope your week has been a good one and the next week will be even better.  For those feeling a little under the weather with summer colds etc I’m sending healing thoughts your way.  For those feeling a little overwhelmed by everything – been there doing that and you have my sympathy, when you work out how to hold it all together can you let me know please.  For those who are lucky enough to be crafting – I’m green with envy.  My sewing machine is going into a decline and I have forgotton where I last put my scissors. Unfortunately the stash isn’t growing or shrinking in my absence which is a real pity…lol.

Talk to you all soon



4 thoughts on “E. T. W. O.

  1. Oh Catherine, you have made me tired now! What HUGE time. I’m glad your family are helping out too. My husband has women on his team and they are always a novelty when they are working at the gold mine with some of the guys. 🙂

  2. I worked full time for many years, but not at so physical a job as you are doing. I was thinking when reading all that you had accomplished that you’d better not get too good at it or Ashley may feel you’d be a good vacation replacement, lol.

  3. So glad to hear from you Catherine. You’ve had quite the week, exhausting to be sure but you’re probably really proud of all the work you’ve done and being a big help to Ashley. LOL, not to say you’d want to do it all the time though. I think he needs to buy something special for you as a thank you 😀 tell him I say so.

  4. I hope you arrive home tomorrow having had a wonderful time ‘on camp’ but sure you will be equally exhausted!! Thank you for your post, I am feeling just as overwhelmed at the moment with life and can’t remember the last time I picked up a needle and thread. Nice to know I’m not alone!!

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