Taking a Blogging Break

As much as it breaks my heart I am going to have to take a blogging break for the next couple of weeks.

Ashley announced last night that he needs me to work with him for the next week – EVERY DAY!!!!!  Actually I don’t know what was worse – that I have to work everyday or that he wants me to start at 8 am every morning.  We negotiated my start time and now I get to start at 8.30 am after I have dropped kids off at school and run around like a lunatic trying to get organised at home.  The kids are all on notice that they  are really going to have to help (like when I had my wrists done) and not complain about anything cause I will be too damm tired to listen.

Today was baking day despite the heat.  So far I have a Dutch Apple Cake (Mum Maureen’s recipe and a winner with Nicola and I), chocolate chip muffins, Museli Applesauce Muffins, Chocolate chip biscuits and a Chocolate fudge slice made and bread baking in the bread maker.  So far so good.  The washing is done and the kids have vacummed.  Ashley has put up two shelves in my sewing room and attached a full length mirror  behind the door and changed a double power point to a four gang power point.  I think he finally got the hint (and was sick of my nagging) that I wanted them done and I wanted them now!!

Hopefully I will survive the week as next weekend I have to pack my bags to go on Nicola’s Grade Six Camp to Melbourne for three days starting Monday 27th October and arriving home Wednesday 29th October which is also Nicola’s 13th Birthday.  Three days of full on madness checking out the sights of Melbourne with a Grade of 12 and 13 year olds all hyped up by the prospect of seeing new “stuff”.  Got to admit I can’t wait.

So as you can see computer time is going to be serverly limited.

Now for more Garden Pics.

Last weekend on a very, very still evening we burnt off the massive pile of prunings that had been piled on the front lawn/weeds.  It was no hardship to burn there as the lawn is well and truly dead.  We had mulched what we could of the pile but much of it was just too big for the mulcher and would take up too much room in the big bin.

We were very careful to make sure that around the edges of the fire was thoroughly wet. It would be all too easy to imagine the fire getting away on the dried grass and weeds and burning out who knows what.  Now we just have a lovely big blackened area that would be ideal to plant in if only we had the water and time to keep plants alive.  Part of our saving water stratedgy is that this entire area is going to be heavily mulched and planted to natives when and if we ever get steady rain.  I want paths wandering through it, small clearings were you can sit and relax and as many natives as I can possibly jam in there.  Once established they will take so much less water than lawn does and be much easier maintainence wise.  This particular areas is about 40 metres long by 45 wide.  It doesnt’ sound much but I bet I can plant heaps in there.

I will leave you with my favorite photo of Ashley to date…..and yes I’m just a bit biased….vbg.

Is this not a Man at Peace?  Contemplating, that at that single split second the photo was taken, all was well with his world.

Have a lovely fortnight.  I will catch up with you all when I get home.


4 thoughts on “Taking a Blogging Break

  1. Great pic Catherine. Bet he’s thinking ‘now there’s a good job done and done well’
    Garden looks great. Your lilac is better than mine, drat.
    Glad you weren’t toasting marshmallows in that fire. LOL

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