A Quick Garden Tour

I’m sorry I’m just going to have to start this post with a bit of a whinge.  I have had Elise home sick for the week.  Tempreture, sore ears and throat, vomiting the works.  It’s been really rough on everyone but especially Elise.  We figured that it was just a cold and hadn’t tried to get into the Doctors working on the theory that they generally don’t like prescribing antibiotics for a cold.

Yesterday her throat swelled up like you wouldn’t believe.  You could see that her neck was noticeably fatter and she was having a bit of difficulty swallowing.  Now I know it was lunch time when this happened but I would have thought I may have been able to get into the Doctors.  No such luck!!!!  They were fully booked and suggested I take her to casualty.  I decided to ring Casulaty first as generaly when you go there you have to wait and Elise just wasn’t well enough to spend four hours sitting in a chair in the waiting room.  They were very nice on the phone but I was basically told – sure bring her up but you will have to wait.  I explained the problem and that she was really too ill to just sit there for hours and was there perhaps a time I could bring her up when there may not be such a wait to see the Doctor on duty – it was then suggested that I ring back later as they really were frantically busy and really didn’t need anymore patients.   ARRRRRRRRRR  So I rang back the Doctors clinic and explained to the same receptionist I had earlier, that casualty really didn’t want to see her and she managed to get us an appointment with a very nice Doctor this morning at 8.40 am.  He said she has an ear and throat infection and gave us antibotics.  I’m really glad I persisted in getting an appointment though.  By 9 am (yes we were still waiting to see the Doctor) the receptionist could be heard explain to the dozen or so phone calls that she received that there were no more appointment for the day and they should try casualty.  As if that was going to help anyone.

Right, now I have that off my chest so to speak, a quick couple of photos of my garden.

This is my one and only Lilac.  I think from memory it may have come from my Grandma’s orginally.  It has been in the same part of the garden for years.  Mostly just sticks, occassionally a few leaves and always overshadowed by a huge bush which I prune back ruthlessly each year hoping the lilac will flower.  Well this year it has.  Certainly it was only one flower and I had to hold back the leaves so I could take a photo – but I will accept with pleasure small blessings and rejoice in the flower that has appeared.  It has had no water, has only just been mulched in the past week and yet it struggles on regardless.  Could it be a “drought tolerant plant”??

We have the Taj Mahal of nesting sites in our garden.  This old seeder has been in the same position for about 8 years.  It has gums growing up behind it, weeds (in good years) underneath it and is generally only used by the dogs as part of the obstical course that they run each day to check out who has driven down the back to the shed.  I was poking around in behind it the other day trying to work out where all the dripper lines go for the plants and happened upon a birds nest with little tiny blue eggs in it.

I’m not sure what kind of  bird she is. Mum thought a black bird but I think she is too small.  I think she may be some kind of finch perhaps but either way she is welcome.  Best of all the seeder, and therefore the nest, is near the vegetable garden and is positioned in such a way I can take photos without disturbing her.

Ok I’m off to get kids organised for swimming and to hang out my washing.  It would have been done sooner but i had to drive to Goodnight – about 40 mins away.  To get there you follow the road from Swan Hill to Beverford, Nyah, Piangle and over the bridge at Tooleybuc.  Turn right, drive past the Tooleybuc Sporting Club head towards Goodnight, come to a cross roads with the Goodnight Fire Station (ie a shed saying “Goodnight Fire Station”) on the right, turn up past that and down that road five minutes and you get to the cool room Ashley was working on.  He rang and asked me to pick up some more parts for him as the fans etc weren’t working properly.  By the time I got there he had to problem sorted and didn’t need the parts I had bought out.  Never mind the drive was nice and it’s lovely to see all the leaves on the fruit trees.  The Fruit farmer said he thought they would be picking the first of the peaches in about two to three weeks…….how early is that!!!  Ohh and he said last year they were picking them by the beginning of October.  No wonder Ashley and the refridgeration boys are busy doing all these cool rooms.  The pressure is on.


One thought on “A Quick Garden Tour

  1. Two weeks, I can see why Ashley needs your help right away as he’s facing a deadline. I’ll miss reading your blog but life is life. Take care and don’t let Ashley work you too hard.

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