How To Build A New Vegetable Garden

Ok so this isn’t a tutorial but it may as well be.

Assemble your supplies…..

Hubby with a Chain Saw and lots of Red Gum Sleepers.

Hubby with a Nail Gun to nail the sleepers together.

Have lots of willing helpers.

Purchase a new compost bin.

Have a small boy who fits in the compost bin……..always handy if he wants to hide during a game of hide and seek….providing the bin isn’t full that is.

Fill beds with lots of lovely soil and plenty of animal manure.  It’s handy to have plenty of recycled pavers to use as paths between the beds.

Have two really exhausted dogs – well is it exhausting getting in the way and pinching tools, gloves, hats etc.

All Finished

Since this last photo was taken I have now planted up the two beds with tomatoes, butternut pumpkins and cucumber (they will grow up the frame nearest the compost bin), two kinds of lettuce, onions, strawberries, parsley, carrots, garlic, chives, celery, silver beet, capscium and luffa which will grow (hopefully) up the frame on the right hand side of the photo.

The worm farm is situated under the piece of brown shade cloth you can see and the rose on the garage (at the top right of the photo) is just coming into flower and has the most delightful scent.  The vegie garden gets sun most of the day until about 2 pm when the garage shades it the rest of the afternoon.  A bonus I hope during the long hot summer we are going to have.  It takes all of 10 minutes to water using a watering can and I can go in there with no shoes on thanks to the pavers.

I think the absolutely best thing of all – apart from the lovely fresh vegies we are going to enjoy – is that everything (apart from the new compost bin and the bags of mixed animal manure) is recycled and didn’t cost us anything.  Ohh and I’m still working on the “Square Foot Gardening” theory – I just didn’t bother marking out thebeds into square feet – I just eyeballed it.  You can see my original post where I was just staring out on SFG here.  There is also a link on that post to where you can find some more information.


One thought on “How To Build A New Vegetable Garden

  1. Nice Catherine, they look like the ones we put in this past summer yours are nicer since they have the pavers. Mine were on a slope so they were a bit more fiddly to stick in the ground. I really love my raised beds so easy to take care of.

    I did the square gardening as well but found that it was too crowded to work well for the plants I put in. Some things did well but the bigger plants over-shadowed some crops. Next year I’ll plan a bit better and reduce the crowding in the bed. I’ll probably put the tomatoes off by themselves for a start as well as the peppers. The peppers did not do well being crowded without a lot of sun. The onions didn’t like being jammed in so tightly either as they never got bigger than a couple of inches.


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