More Working

Just so you know I am earning my keep around here…….and because I thought there were very possibly some of you were  just dyeing to know what a cool room looks like…….roflmol….I thought I should post some photos of yesterdays work.

You were all wondering what the top of a cool room looks like weren’t you??  Go on admit it…lol.  This is is.  The dark part you can see the other side of Ashley is the existing cool room.  The new shiny white part is the roof of the two new cool rooms.  All those chains hanging down from the beams are what hold the cool room roof up and make it safe to walk on.

First we used the scissor lift (our new one) inside the cool room to drill holes in the roof so the wires could be run for the lights.  Then we worked on the cool room roof laying out the wires, feeding them through conduit and joining everything together – trust me this bit alone took nearly 3 hours.  Just about everything (apart from the things we forgot and left in the van) fitted into the scissor lift platform which was a bonus as I hate going up and down in it anymore than I need to.  Ohh and yes the floor is as far away as it looks.

Then we went inside the cool room to hook up all twenty lights – ten lights in each.  Both of us were on the scissor lift.  My job was to unpack the lights, assemble any bits that needed assembling, ie hook on any clips and make sure everything was in reach for Ashley and hand him the fluro light globes and just generally be a helper in a confined but very high up working space.  Ashley’s job was the technical electrician stuff – you know – wire the light correctly, attach it to the ceiling and wiggle the scissor lift so it scared me and he could laugh at my look of fear.

Finally (approx 6 pm) it was all done and the lights worked.  Don’t they look lovely and bright and so shiny on the cool room roof?

Now just so you remember what it looked like before…………….

….this is the “before” photo…….

….and this is the “after” photo.  Where that lighted cool room is is about where the van was parked previously.

After all that we came home to a feed of Fish and Chips from the local take away, Elise still very sick with her tummy bug and James very excited cause the “Bully” hadn’t picked on him at all.  Could the message be getting though at last?  Ohh and Nicola’s day was “average as usual”.

No more than an hour after arriving home Ashley suddenly remembered we had been invited to a wine and spirit tasting by a friend so we were off again.  This friend  buys quite a bit from this Rep and knows he has “good stuff” (Mick’s words not mine…vbg)  and it was a rather select “do” with only about a dozen of us there but it was so much fun.  I always thought that when “experts” said that if you spend more than just a few dollars on a bottle of wine you can really taste the difference and that they were just trying to “make sales”.  Who would have known – they are right.  We aren’t big drinkers and certainly don’t spend heaps on our drinks – but I think we may just be converted.  Talk about nice stuff.  The prices were very nice too – but Ashley did manage to lash out and buy a couple of bottles of Whiskey (one 19 years old) to put away for his 40th.  He tells me it will be nicely aged by then and several bottles of very nice wine for me. I think I’m defiantely going to enjoy this new hobby….lol.


3 thoughts on “More Working

  1. These posts are so interesting. What do you use the cool room for? I’m so impressed with all the help that you give Ashley, and all the things that he can do. It brings thoughts of the pioneers. I’m thinking of the American pioneers, but I would think it was much the same in Australia. Mankind (and womankind) can be really inspiring, indomitable spirit and all. I’m glad that your son’s situation is improving. Hopefully, the bully can be nipped in the bud before he gets worse.

  2. Thats really awesome Catherine, what a great job done. Do you get paid 😀 Who changes the light bulbs?

    I tend to buy the bottles of wine that average $16 – $20 a bottle. We save it for special occasions so I don’t feel that guilty. Mind you the really good stuff is a lot more pricey than that but I’m not drinking a
    $40 bottle. There’s a limit, I could be using the money to buy fabric instead vbg.

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