Well so much for my good intentions of keeping up with my blogging.  I do have a good excuses though.

Friday I went to Hay (yes there is a town called that in New South Wales) about two hours from us to help Ashley install some ceiling fans and power points in a house that he has worked on previously.  It was actually a really nice drive if you don’t count how dry everything is and that part of the road is dirt and disected by cattle grids which make an tremendous racket and shake the work van something shocking if you don’t drive slowly over them.  We arrived around 8.30 am and had finished and were on our way home by 3.30pm.  Lovely people to work for and as they own the local take away shop we had lunch there.  Honestly they make the absolutely best hamburgers with the lot  I have ever tasted.  Yummm!!!!!!

Saturday was spent pricking out new lights for the dining room, kitchen and entry.  I have the entry light but am waiting on an electrrican (ie Ashley) to install it for me.  The dining room and kitchen lights had to be ordered but should be here soon.  Not a lot else was achieved.  I was incredibly tired from Friday so elected to let everyone else amuse themselves and have a nanna nap guilt free.

Sunday was Bathurst Racing day (cars)  and Ashley goes to his mate Graeme’s for a mens day in the shed. They drink, eat, watch the race, debate how they could have done it better and just generally bonded.  Graeme’s wife picked Ashley up and dropped him home so I didn’t even have to leave the house…yipee.  The kids and I spent a little bit of time in the garden then relaxed indoors not doing a whole lot.  I did get the Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt loaded onto the gammill and have the quilting pattern drawn out that Nicola picked.  Now just to find time to quilt it.

Part of this morning was spent at the school sorting out with James’s  Teacher and Principal what we can do regarding the bullying that is happening to James at the moment.  He is so frightened of this kid and has got to the stage that he doesn’t want to go to school or on camp.  They are both in Grade 2 and you would think that kids that age have more things to do than bully someone.  This charming child (not) throws a hissy fit if James and his mates play football and he doens’t get the ball everytime…with the end result of him hitting, punching or kicking James where no little boy should be kicked.  The teacher is at her wits end.  He is so bad that she can’t sit him with anyone else in class and he sits on his own. Both the teacher and principal (without either of them disclosing any details) have said there are major problems at home and this is an end result.  At the end of our meeting Ashley and I left feeling like things were moving forward and more steps are being taken to protect James and to help this child.  Even James was much more confident when he came home and for once I didn’t have him in tears telling me he was hit again.  The school is very pro active on Anti Bullying – but all attempts to show this child what he is doing wrong has been to no avail.  I’m not saying my son is an Angel – but there is no way that he is provoking this child.  Instead James is the sort of boy who would welcome a new playmate – providing he plays fairly and is a good sport.  Time will tell if it resolves itself.  I have a feeling that the end result may be that this child could be expelled from the school.  Not something that anyone wants but if left unchecked I shudder to think what he will be like in his teenage years.

The rest of the day was spent shopping and buying Elise a new mobile phone.  Hers fell out of her pocket on Friday and was handed in today.  Unfortunately whoever picked it up from the class room or school yard – decided that as they couldn’t access the phone they would drop it in a puddle in the oval instead.  Elise said she was no where near the oval on Friday so “human hands” have been at work.  Funnily enough mobile phones don’t like baths and it is now “dead” – well unless Ashley can revive it and somehow I think that’s doubtful.

Tomorrow, so long as there are no other disasters,  Ashley and I are out at that huge shed again – working on installing lights in the new cool rooms which have been built.  He had better think twice if he thinks I’m climbing any ladders to put in light globes.

I really must remember to pack the camera to show you the progress.  If I have it right where the work truck is standing is now two new coolrooms the height and width of the one you can see there.

Off to make a cuppa and continue on with my book.  I bought the last in the Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini “Brisinger” and I’m loving it.  If only there weren’t so many interuptions I might be further along.  If by any chance you’re tempted to skip the books and watch the movie “Eragon” forget it.  The books (in my humble opinion) are much, much better.  The movie glosses over too much for my liking where as I find the books have much more depth and detail and lets face it are a darn good read.


3 thoughts on “Working

  1. My daughter is beside herself waiting for Brisinger. It is available here but she wants the paperback a) b/c she would like her set to be complete and b) she is buying it for herself and is too tight to spend ALL that money on a book (or I am ;-). We are going to read it from the library and buy the book in paperback next year.

    BTW am still waiting for extreme fruit-picking to commence. Do you think they will televise it this year??

  2. I hope everything gets straightened out with the bullying situation. My younger daughter was picked on by the girl down the street. Unfortunately it was verbal and there’s not much you can do about that. I did make a phone call to the parent but I think it just made the situation worse. It’s something I’ve always regreted because at that age they are so tender and I’m sure it affected her for many years after. It’s hard to see your kid hurt and you always wonder if you did enough. The net result today is that she always defends the underdog and is quite fierce about it.

    I wouldn’t give up on the cell phone just yet. Take it apart as much a you can and let it dry out naturally. We’ve had both an ipod and phone get dumped into water and they both came back after several days.

    The ipod was tucked away in a side pocket of my husband’s shorts. I patted them down but it was so small I didn’t feel it so into the wash it went. It was black with no light at first but over two days it dried out and works perfectly now. The cell phone got dropped into water, we took it apart and sure enough it dried out and worked. Mind you I don’t think either of these items had been sitting for hours in water but you can always hope yours will work as well.

  3. Hi Catherine – I’m sure I’ve missed a few postings, and wondered if the huge shed is yours and what are you going to use the coolrooms for? But maybe it belongs to someone else?

    I too hope the bullying can be stopped. It’s difficult to combat if all the good being done at school is being undone at home. Best of luck to all.

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